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Cause I Don’t Like It Here?

Look you have advertized my job twice already based upon snap decisions made by a manager every long term employee here considers a first class asshole.  This is in spite of my stellar career of 22 years in a directly related field.  Your documentation is ten years old including instructions sheets calling for lead solder.  The place is run much like junior high school, we can’t build stuff cause we don’t have parts cause you didn’t pay the bills.

It is institutionalized mediocrity.  I miss talking to intelligent people.

So I blew my first real interview for a job I have been doing for about six months cause I was honest with the HR thrity something twit?

I don’t like it here?

Nobody likes it here!

Former premier defense contractor.  Name forthcoming upon my termination and subsequent litigation process.

In the Crosshairs

Pam is/was a career CNA nursing assistant.  She was fired last week for speaking out about……

You know when I say this I sound hyperbolic.  If I bring stuff like this up I sound like one of those conspiracy loons which nobody is supposed to listen to but ya know in a declining empire of declining industries historizing multi-year employees in any field of human endeavor just makes excellent predatory capitalistic sense.

Pam is prohibited from the possession of her cell phone while on company property.

Pam is prohibited from the possession of any electronic reader devices while on company property.

Pam is not allowed to exit the building during breaks.  

Why is Pam not allowed to exit the building during breaks?

Well the assumption here is that Pam might be exiting the building to have a cigarette, which in this health care oriented industry is a totally verboten concept.  But why.  The cultural concept here has gone way far beyond some concern for the health of Pam but focuses more on the potential cost of potential medical insurance claims Pam might potentially claim in getting cancer on the health insurance plan she could not possibly afford with this asshole company so her husband carries it with his company.  I happen to work with Pam’s husband so I personally know about the calculated gradual degradation  of that health plan.

Her annual raise she did not get for the last two years went towards putting secret Sam surveillance cameras and thumbprint readers to get into the building.  After a  twelve hour night shift this latest piece of corpo-crap calls her five times during the day advising about “available shifts”.  It is a creepy barely understandable computer generated voice giving Pam her “Bingo Numbers” for, big whoop, ten dollars at Dunkin Donuts.  Welcome to the infinite compassion of the health care industry.

Peruse the corpo speak yourself.

Pam, by working for AssholeCorp has legally contractually consented to, according to management dweebs, searches of herself, her pocketbook, her car for lost shit dementia patients have accused her of stealing.

Pam is not allowed to smoke.  She is not allowed to deviate from the interests of the corporation, it’s vendors, clients, attending doctors, UPS delivery guys and or any other people and or policies corporate makes up at will and published on the corporate IT system Pam does not have access to.

One can after all hire pool CNA nursing assistants who don’t speak English, deliberately ignore call lights and up their own self worth by reporting strategically significant talking points to a galactially delusional management.

I can not un-friend un-recommend this formerly premier rehab/nursing home establishment in this supposedly utopian yuppie suburban north of Boston piece of shit place for targeting purposefully and deliberately long term employees to save those health care bucks.

It is after all far easier to exploit women in the workplace than it is to exploit men.  Plus you actually don’t want older people in your workplace as they have that potential tendency to not put up with the neuvo-corporate fascisms of today’s workplace environment.  Ah, you want the very name of this establishment?  Coming real soon.

A Horse Argument

So my horse tells me he wants to be a person and I have to explain why this would be a bad deal.  What?  You are bored?  I shell out at least $300 bucks a month, I clean up your crap, give you your shots and fix your feet then you wimp out on the trail cause it’s a little warm out.  Listen, you got it good.



“In this post 911 world”

“You DON’T have a cell phone,said with anger and disgust”

New one!

“It said free but now they want money.”

Temp employment does not count in applying for home mortgages…Oh and if you have not applied for a mortgage lately?   You will love the regulatory/IRS/ money/ Admiral Poindexter total surveillance gaming aspect of documenting your life on where the money came from.  Yes, that’s right, prepare to document thyself.  More on this later.  Going up to sign purchase and sale of new Apocalypse Ranch.  It’s going to be great.  I do recall some comment I made about the social engineering aspects of Thomas the Train.

Just in!  MIT professor has ecat device

Now the bummer top CT news story.  Domestic re-education gulags.…


A cross cultural explanation from my point of view about contemporary isms.

For reference?

Well there is the excellent at it’s start but much degraded upon it’s continuation movie “God Bless America”.  Now available on commercial Verizon pay per view.  Very embarassed to recommend but it plays into my Prof Panarin end of the empire themes.


When they want to keep a secret they can and do.

When they want to tarnish the image of America they can and do.

Columbia+secret service is the topic of the day and number one on Google has a picture of sexy high heels next to a story by

There is this comment about the agents “violating their curfew”.  From my expat experience this is entirely relevant.  One can not nor should not allow regular Americans into foreign countries without cross cultural training.  This is why the military seeks to maintain discipline.  I can appreciate that massive problem of being in charge of a bunch of 18 to 24 year olds stationed in a supposedly sovereign country.  My theme however.  To what extent is “our” military merely globo-corp’s gofer bitch.  Iran/North Korea/Venezuela/Cuba not want a McDonalds, a CVS, Verizon 4G cellphone coverage areas built by slaves in FoxCon sweatshops your 401ks built.

Home of the fee and land of the slave.  I saw it as a comment in my lists.


The Red Queen

So the sociopathic personality which is my first daughter’s mother in law sent her a letter threatening to turn the family in to child protective services for child abuse.  She has had zero contact with my daughter’s family since she kicked them out of the family compound.  In her infinite stupid ugly American tradition she worded this threat letter in such a way as to implicate me and my wife as the people who would have a “duty” to report child abuse to the authorities thus, in her little feeble mind driving a wedge between me and my daughter.  Ok, so this woman thinks she is a Sith Lord master manipulator of people and she actually has been yet she made a masterfully Darwinian move.

She sent the letter to, addressed the letter to a post office box number my daughter specifically got to avoid Her parsing through my daughter’s mail for her control and social manipulation schemes.  So the legal games are on.   If anything happens to my daughter and son in law I will take their kids.  The no trespass order will be done Monday.  The legal aspects of non visitation rights by sociopathic shithead trailer trash of this French decent redheaded most vile bitch, as a gentleman I am embarrased to use the C word to describe the most vile natures which can be the female sex but such things are the products of declining empires and the social structures inherent within.

Let me think back over the years in which my daugter met your son.

Trickle Down Doom

Loved George Carlin on the religion thing.  Hey, did you see SNLs skit about the Romney campaign?  News reports about people dumping CNN and turning to internet news sources?  The latest buzz on postponing the Iran war until after Obama gets re-selected?  Should I sign up for Richard Gage’s 911 talk or are we just way to far gone for that?

Did I have a good Easter.  Sort of.  It was a nice family dinner after an egg hunt for the grandkids.  What did Grampy buy them for Easter presents?  Well first off we had the Nerf Blaster 2000, a set of Homeboy Security handcuffs but the hit of the day was the six shot cap guns.  Nothing like a bit of noise to relieve the family angst over the crash of former suburban bliss.  The kids are fine, it’s the adults who are panic stricken.

Behave, listen to what I tell you, don’t do that, sit down and eat your food.  I would have let them be kids as long as they can.  I myself am a 57 year six year old yet my first daughter forgot that family tradition.  Stress induced for sure.

The Science of “God”

Bob Dean, a retired seargent major who has seen it all.  A real life account of The Men in Black so to speak.  Area 51 and beyond with a message of hope.

“We” are going to survive.  “They”  which includes multi-dimensional benevolent guardians have interviened on our behalf to save us from our own infinite retardedness.  Ok, so you perhaps have not spend a hundred hours viewing the offerings of Project Camelot, David Wilcock, deep and or exo-politics.  Me, I find these places a much needed counter to the social engineering Pavlovianisms that are mainstream media, “our” institutions, culture and mostly the systems the elite create in slave farming people.  Trust me all of the keywords are there to launch yourself into my Jedi Knights of the Veil world.  Disclaimer…Be careful what you wish for grasshopper.

No really I mean you won’t be the same.  You won’t look at people the same way.  You may not value the same horseshit you valued yesterday if you might possible accept even one tenth of this……..hmmm…perhaps some people might need the full expat experience as a  primer……ya… for some people but it does depend upon intelligence level, emotional quotient, certain medications, professional and educational backgrounds, age demographics, financial picture, family situation…..Oh look…I took a walk in my suburban woods and happened upon a pheasant….What comes into mind..a stupid lamestream commercial for Citizens Bank about the founding fathers leaving a pheasant in the microwave.

OK, I know it doesn’t make sense right now but we are supposed to all Zen out and manifest a better destiny for everybody but thinking about the things that are uplifting.  Right now I am the King in the eyes of three grandsons.

Beyond James Bond

Yes, OK, this well know conspiratory character Phil does strain even my credibility index however there are other eye opening events in the bulk of this video that do shed the light of day upon our woefully retarded existence in the world of lamestream media’s Pavlovianisms.  From Kerry’s blog at Project Camelot I am pleased to present a video of stuff you just can’t accept.

Since I have been forced retired out of a job I loved, was pretty good at but is now done by FoxCon corporate fux in Red Chinese communist China funded by “our” government.  They live in the company barracks and might get two bucks an hour.  Recent news, the internet revelation of suicide nets looks towards limiting the work week to sixty hours to create what exactly.  An IPad/IPod/Iphone?  An electronic surveillance device that will last perhaps one year before it’s unreplaceable battery dies?  I have to wonder if that is the globalist corporate projected lifetime of the former United States.

(Below the fold, underground aliens.  Hey, you see stuff like this every day on the History Channel so you know it must be true. – ek hornbeck)

McORomneyCare and the Fallacy of the Supreme Court

I am from Massachusetts, that mandatory health insurance state.  I have not had medical insurance since 2008.  I have not been to a dentist since 2008.  I have not had a real job since 2008.  Out of my three kids one is insured only due to Mass Health which is actually a good deal if you are financially destitute.  My other daughter has a watered down United Health Care policy which sucks and my son is the all time winner with the supreme suck policy offered by WalMart.  All of which I suppose are better than nothing.

The wife is pissed because a 57 year old is blasting down trails on horseback with his 5 months pregnant daughter.  Yeehaw, time is short my dear, gotta enjoy it.  Oh, yeah we did stop so I could smoke a butt too.  Not sure what yuppie town we were in or if that was fucking illegal either.

Flop Gun

The USS Enterprise is steaming for Iran on it’s last voyage.  Sacrifical lamb in another 911 false flag event?  The alt news is all abuzz about it.  I know we made it past the earlier prophecized dates but that does not stop “them”.  What has been in “the news” of late.  The Titanic.  No mention however about destroying the first amenedment with HR 347.  More on dysfunctional cultures in the flip side.

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