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McORomneyCare and the Fallacy of the Supreme Court

I am from Massachusetts, that mandatory health insurance state.  I have not had medical insurance since 2008.  I have not been to a dentist since 2008.  I have not had a real job since 2008.  Out of my three kids one is insured only due to Mass Health which is actually a good deal if you are financially destitute.  My other daughter has a watered down United Health Care policy which sucks and my son is the all time winner with the supreme suck policy offered by WalMart.  All of which I suppose are better than nothing.

The wife is pissed because a 57 year old is blasting down trails on horseback with his 5 months pregnant daughter.  Yeehaw, time is short my dear, gotta enjoy it.  Oh, yeah we did stop so I could smoke a butt too.  Not sure what yuppie town we were in or if that was fucking illegal either.