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Seven “News” Boston

If I was in charge of the FCC which hands out “licenses” for public broadcast stations I would not renew this station for the criminal nonsense of touting TV shows as newsworthy topics.  It’s actually not news, they can’t report on real news.  I have my alternate sources of news, which makes lamestream not lamestream anymore but something far more offensive.  A programming device plus a commercialized venue designed to make you feel good.


Outside of Alex Jones network there is little coverage of this weekend’s confab of international global kingmakers.  Governments have little influence over these sociopaths as they can and do manufacture the realities for their collective peasant populations.  Don’t look for lamestream coverage.  For that there are increasingly other credible sources.


Huffingtonpost mention!


Wow, and that other “enemy” WND?


Would you prefer red or blue supercorpofascistOrwellexpalidociousness with your post modern world?

An excellent collection of Bilderberg arrests and activities is up at wearechange plus don’t miss the confrontation series of those globalist heavyweights.


Luke, may the force be with you.

The official attendee list.  This is not the 1% this is the top of the top.



When they want to keep a secret they can and do.

When they want to tarnish the image of America they can and do.

Columbia+secret service is the topic of the day and number one on Google has a picture of sexy high heels next to a story by AirForceTimes.com.

There is this comment about the agents “violating their curfew”.  From my expat experience this is entirely relevant.  One can not nor should not allow regular Americans into foreign countries without cross cultural training.  This is why the military seeks to maintain discipline.  I can appreciate that massive problem of being in charge of a bunch of 18 to 24 year olds stationed in a supposedly sovereign country.  My theme however.  To what extent is “our” military merely globo-corp’s gofer bitch.  Iran/North Korea/Venezuela/Cuba not want a McDonalds, a CVS, Verizon 4G cellphone coverage areas built by slaves in FoxCon sweatshops your 401ks built.

Home of the fee and land of the slave.  I saw it as a comment in my lists.


Flop Gun

The USS Enterprise is steaming for Iran on it’s last voyage.  Sacrifical lamb in another 911 false flag event?  The alt news is all abuzz about it.  I know we made it past the earlier prophecized dates but that does not stop “them”.  What has been in “the news” of late.  The Titanic.  No mention however about destroying the first amenedment with HR 347.  More on dysfunctional cultures in the flip side.

Ventura on Mainstream

Lamestream Media

WBZ TV Boston is now ending it’s “news” with a story about a record deal contest.  “An entertainment event is looming over our heads”.  Ya, I am trying to hold my supper in my stomach.  Surprised the news isn’t sponsored by the satellite emergency hard hat people.