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Spiritual Bath

Anybody still home?  Lamestream talks about Obama singing something and there was this other big flap about Eye of Newt’s open marriage wife.  Yeah, well I’m not into kiddie porn either.

It’s snowing.  The pretty fluffy kind too.  It’s my daughter’s birthday, the one into horses so the girls are out shopping for tonight’s meal.  The cat is watching the birds on the back deck and I have these weird thoughts.

Nine Boxes

“Who told you to box them up?”

“Ah, nobody, actually.”

“Those go into the 2912s and then we ship them out.”

If anything is to be learned in a military-industrial-intelligence-health-New World Order-globalist-IMF-Council on Foreign Relations complex company it is NOT to be deviating from the prescribed approved signed off certified, ECO, Mil Spec 1534-B method of watching paint dry.  Any exertion of creativity, individual thought, green alternative methods, workarounds due to defective equipment which dates back to 1973 is highly strictly verboten, forbidden, illegal, discouraged, frowned upon…….So what does this really mean.

Verizon Fios

I Lasthorseman and my wife state that.

The new Verizon Fios menu/channel selection system screen sucks because.

The fonts plus color scheme is hard on aged eyes.  All you get is a sparse description of how crappy said entertainment venue actually is.  Many of the offerings are repeats of the same thing/channel only in high definition which I could give two shits about.  I don’t really care about sports, or rather stopped caring about sports during this extinction of our family’s and extended family’s former status of lower middle class hardworking Americans.

Verizon Fios

I and my wife hereby state that.

The format, color scheme, fonts used and the abbreviated descriptions of available movies and programs of your newly “updated” menu system bites, sucks, is hard on the eyes and that family plan many families are now cancelling?  Well the pay as you go plans are also a rip off.

Like I said.  Humans have their eyes front and center which makes us predators.  We are wired that way.  We are that way.  You have to focus on something to kill in order to eat and survive.

A Horse Whisperer

You smell like an ugly Big Mac to them.  In the wild a lion kills them by jumping on their back and biting through their spine and the first thing you want to do is put a dead animal hide and then jump on top of that.  It is amazing that they will let you.

This is a rough quote from a real horseman.  I offer it up in this environment of political horsemanure to spiritually ground those who are so inclined.  His story is now on that lamestream media channel known as Shotime.…

Ron Paul

Because Dennis Kucinich ain’t on the ballot and the rest of them are Bilderberg/dying America old school support false fallacy favorites.  Would you like left leaning fascism or right leaning fascism with your Bud Light and GMO fries.  Plus 911 and the war of error, the cancer lives on spreading, working it’s way into every human endeavor possible until we are bigger Nazis than the Nazis were.

Oh,progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies.

Now besides picking a doublewide to live in this year the uncertainty of a certain to be sucky year once again takes on multiple dimensions.

My daughter, a major partner in our dream of a horse business is expecting thus killing that dream at least for now.  I am now thinking about the emotional pain of selling the horses.  She put in so much work, me too.  He just started jumping and we got five more people who want horse lessons.

Towards Awake and Aware in 2012

For me year end is akin to the sappyness of 911 day.  Fortunately alternate news picks up the slack/gigantic sink hole of info-corpo-tainment social engineered “news”, ie lamestream media leaves behind.  When looked at properly lamestream is one huge horsemanure pile.

The New Year

Allow me to dispense with that big non-event retail stores consider already over and get on to what I think is in store for next year.

Drop the Butter and Step Away from your Vehicle

We Value Our Age

The wife and I value our age.

We don’t have to endure much more of this fucked up travesty.

First No Tree Year

I did not nor do I have plans for leading the kids families on our annual Christmas tree procurement outing.  One daughter is now a full hour away and the other, well they will be doing it on their own cause for the first year in countless ones we don’t plan on doing a Christmas tree at all.  Yet I am sad but not.  I am still “God” in the joyful eyes of four grandkids.  I miss the tradition but my family especially knows all about the “Illuminati plan to destroy America” so we are working towards re-establishing our lost suburban lives in a more remote and cheaper location.

Two Thanksgivings plus Cookout

The main problem in having a cookout on an unseasonably warm November day is darkness.  Not natural light makes it hard to tell if the steaks are done.   The horses had a workout although the warm weather made them lazy.  The kids got ATV rides in the dark, which only added to their excitement and we retired to the campfire after two Thanksgivings.

So what is YAPMF and more.

Casinos in Mass

A caller to 96.9 Boston’s FM talk radio asked the governor about this new bill.

Are the casinos by definition financial institutions?

Meaning as a financial institution they would have access to, be plugged into such marketing bonanzas like credit reports, demographics information, you know the whole gamut of info financial institutions can and do have access to.  The governor was taken back by the insinuation but whoossed his way out of it by essentially dismissing the caller.

Government subsidized social corruption.

Black indeed is Friday, or Thursday.  Let’s just blow off the holiday which says we have to buy stuff in the first place.  It doesn’t do much for me anymore.  This one has to work, that one has to work, my wife worked all night.

What family togetherness.  Holiday?

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