The Red Queen

So the sociopathic personality which is my first daughter’s mother in law sent her a letter threatening to turn the family in to child protective services for child abuse.  She has had zero contact with my daughter’s family since she kicked them out of the family compound.  In her infinite stupid ugly American tradition she worded this threat letter in such a way as to implicate me and my wife as the people who would have a “duty” to report child abuse to the authorities thus, in her little feeble mind driving a wedge between me and my daughter.  Ok, so this woman thinks she is a Sith Lord master manipulator of people and she actually has been yet she made a masterfully Darwinian move.

She sent the letter to, addressed the letter to a post office box number my daughter specifically got to avoid Her parsing through my daughter’s mail for her control and social manipulation schemes.  So the legal games are on.   If anything happens to my daughter and son in law I will take their kids.  The no trespass order will be done Monday.  The legal aspects of non visitation rights by sociopathic shithead trailer trash of this French decent redheaded most vile bitch, as a gentleman I am embarrased to use the C word to describe the most vile natures which can be the female sex but such things are the products of declining empires and the social structures inherent within.

Let me think back over the years in which my daugter met your son.

For a short time life was grand.  You had your son making money you spent lavishly on yourself after you took out a 490 thousand dollar mortgage on a house and property you got for free to start a highly successful company you then totally fucked it up by buying campers, jewelry, exotic dogs and trips to Guatemala with the cleft palate surgical team to satisfy your conscience and validate you as a good and decent person.  You have from my point of view always and forever used your kids as the monetary engines of your lavish habitial socipathic tendencies.  It was and has been this small town ledgend that you did have a collection of wooden spoons which you broke over the heads of your own children yet now you are attempting to report child abuse the the authorities for stress related family dysfunctionality you yourself brought upon not only yours but my family also by telling them to get out of the house you promised your son would own.

Roy Rodgers was here, on the family property you are in forclosure for.  Dale Evans, Arthur Fieldler was here but I see you, know you, your corrupt vacuous devoid of anything egalitarian spirit.  For sure you understand none of those words yet you still exist and this latest attempt only further cements my commitment towards describing the depths of fucked up sociopathically evil only American suburbia can create and I am fully prepared to testify in court as to whom fucked which prominent locally loved police officer.  In short I have zero problems pointing out the defects in the human species I have found while bonding with horses, a prey species and that difference/defect in US the predator species.


  1. To the delight of troubled eleven year old girls my dauther and I taught the wonders of natural horsemanship.  Matty is offlead now and Bella rode the new halflinger pony with English saddle at a trot pace.  An excellent time was had by all.

  2. Such language.

    There is a word you are embarrassed to use.  You should be.  Even the euphemism is problematic. Part of this is that there was a big dust up over its use at a site I was invited back to after 629 days and I feel compelled to set a good example, not because I care about my activity there, but because I’m not quite as hypocritical as some.

    The other is that I know you have a good vocabulary and can find an alternate way to express yourself.

    Fixing just that is no guarantee of promotion because I also think this piece is a little too personal for the Front Page and yet the issues of privilege and class raised are of general interest.

    If you could find a way to re-cast it as another piece to highlight those I’d be happy to reconsider.

    “Sociopathic shithead trailer trash” btw is aok.


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