Beyond James Bond

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Yes, OK, this well know conspiratory character Phil does strain even my credibility index however there are other eye opening events in the bulk of this video that do shed the light of day upon our woefully retarded existence in the world of lamestream media’s Pavlovianisms.  From Kerry’s blog at Project Camelot I am pleased to present a video of stuff you just can’t accept.

Since I have been forced retired out of a job I loved, was pretty good at but is now done by FoxCon corporate fux in Red Chinese communist China funded by “our” government.  They live in the company barracks and might get two bucks an hour.  Recent news, the internet revelation of suicide nets looks towards limiting the work week to sixty hours to create what exactly.  An IPad/IPod/Iphone?  An electronic surveillance device that will last perhaps one year before it’s unreplaceable battery dies?  I have to wonder if that is the globalist corporate projected lifetime of the former United States.

(Below the fold, underground aliens.  Hey, you see stuff like this every day on the History Channel so you know it must be true. – ek hornbeck)…


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