Trickle Down Doom

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Loved George Carlin on the religion thing.  Hey, did you see SNLs skit about the Romney campaign?  News reports about people dumping CNN and turning to internet news sources?  The latest buzz on postponing the Iran war until after Obama gets re-selected?  Should I sign up for Richard Gage’s 911 talk or are we just way to far gone for that?

Did I have a good Easter.  Sort of.  It was a nice family dinner after an egg hunt for the grandkids.  What did Grampy buy them for Easter presents?  Well first off we had the Nerf Blaster 2000, a set of Homeboy Security handcuffs but the hit of the day was the six shot cap guns.  Nothing like a bit of noise to relieve the family angst over the crash of former suburban bliss.  The kids are fine, it’s the adults who are panic stricken.

Behave, listen to what I tell you, don’t do that, sit down and eat your food.  I would have let them be kids as long as they can.  I myself am a 57 year six year old yet my first daughter forgot that family tradition.  Stress induced for sure.

Roll on By?  Don’t be Shy?…

Nah, I can’t let my feelings out.  Fifth Veil Jedi Knight and all the mainstreamers definitely get the wrong impressions.  Catchy tune though and attached to that very good flick “We Bought a Zoo”.  I can relate.

I do blame electronic media.   It’s just so corporate, sell me something.  Always telling you what to do, what to think, how to “better” yourself, loose weight, suck corporate cock more effectively, download another app to watch TV on your I FoxCon gizmo.  Maybe we ought to be blowing the 401Ks on whatever floats your boat.…

And “we” only postponed the Iran Third world war?  North Korea is like wicked dark at night as seen from any number of internet images from our James Bond spy stuff.  What are “we” pissed because they can’t open a McDonalds with a CVS next door over there?

Palestine and globalist organizations.


Partners health care commercial.

I have seen on TV a very creepy commercial narrated by a very creepy guy (a good psychic awareness test I wanted to feature) but Google, a very ever advancing engine of totalitarianism does make it hard to find.  In the commercial you can access your medical records online.  Yes that makes your a “partner”, an active participant in your health care.  Well this is a slippery slope thing here in these interesting times we live in.  Do I have to pay higher SBLI life insurance rates if “the cloud” can prove I am on blood pressure medication?  What is front paged are these wonderful stories, and they are good, about partners health care benefits.  In the endgame though?  Your last colonscopy is free viewing via the not very secure internet of everything “lives on the cloud”.  Now is that Carlinesque?

Gees, have I lost everybody yet?  Way too much Project Camelot and not enough Today Show’s Wine disaster.…

Is neutral really neutral.…

So in the tradition of Carlin religion and God, well it’s the same story.

Somebody fucked up big time.…

Four bucks a gallon?

How about classified government research.

Does a Boeing Dreamliner of it’s Airbus A380 rival incorporate the revelations of Michael Schratt.…

Live from the Apocalypse Ranch it’s…..ick…gross….Monday night.