The Science of “God”

Bob Dean, a retired seargent major who has seen it all.  A real life account of The Men in Black so to speak.  Area 51 and beyond with a message of hope.

“We” are going to survive.  “They”  which includes multi-dimensional benevolent guardians have interviened on our behalf to save us from our own infinite retardedness.  Ok, so you perhaps have not spend a hundred hours viewing the offerings of Project Camelot, David Wilcock, deep and or exo-politics.  Me, I find these places a much needed counter to the social engineering Pavlovianisms that are mainstream media, “our” institutions, culture and mostly the systems the elite create in slave farming people.  Trust me all of the keywords are there to launch yourself into my Jedi Knights of the Veil world.  Disclaimer…Be careful what you wish for grasshopper.

No really I mean you won’t be the same.  You won’t look at people the same way.  You may not value the same horseshit you valued yesterday if you might possible accept even one tenth of this……..hmmm…perhaps some people might need the full expat experience as a  primer……ya… for some people but it does depend upon intelligence level, emotional quotient, certain medications, professional and educational backgrounds, age demographics, financial picture, family situation…..Oh look…I took a walk in my suburban woods and happened upon a pheasant….What comes into mind..a stupid lamestream commercial for Citizens Bank about the founding fathers leaving a pheasant in the microwave.

OK, I know it doesn’t make sense right now but we are supposed to all Zen out and manifest a better destiny for everybody but thinking about the things that are uplifting.  Right now I am the King in the eyes of three grandsons.



  1. A license for a software package I brought to Germany ended up being registered to Texas A&M.  I know how and which retired professor started this incident on top of the ramifications of me bringing this up on a blog of this nature.  Does any of this make sense?

    Ah, you don’t have the secret decoder ring do you.

    Just fed the Apocalyptic horses.

  2. However, it wasn’t quite as strong a spider generated silk, because apparently something in the process of the spinnerets (e.g., weaving, mixing the proteins) seems to matter to strength.

    My main concern is the scale of commercial abuse, not necessarily the science but the sheer psychopathic thoughtlessness that always attends revenue streams.

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