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When they want to keep a secret they can and do.

When they want to tarnish the image of America they can and do.

Columbia+secret service is the topic of the day and number one on Google has a picture of sexy high heels next to a story by AirForceTimes.com.

There is this comment about the agents “violating their curfew”.  From my expat experience this is entirely relevant.  One can not nor should not allow regular Americans into foreign countries without cross cultural training.  This is why the military seeks to maintain discipline.  I can appreciate that massive problem of being in charge of a bunch of 18 to 24 year olds stationed in a supposedly sovereign country.  My theme however.  To what extent is “our” military merely globo-corp’s gofer bitch.  Iran/North Korea/Venezuela/Cuba not want a McDonalds, a CVS, Verizon 4G cellphone coverage areas built by slaves in FoxCon sweatshops your 401ks built.

Home of the fee and land of the slave.  I saw it as a comment in my lists.


We need the tax refund to file for bankruptcy.


Should we entertain the thoughts of an Iranian physicist.


To what extent are we helping to contain Japan’s nuclear disaster.


Yeah but “we” have to hack into videogames in search of terrorists.

A product of years of disinformational suburban crap is my first daughter’s inlaws. I have to deal with a Sith Lord sociopathic personality, a lifetime social manipulator but fortunately also a product of the Charolette Iserbytianisms inherent in the post suburban America tradesman set.

My daughter got a threat letter worded in such a way as to implicate myself and my wife as participants in reporting my daughter’s family to child protective services for child abuse. Ok, so my daughter’s inlaws did promise my son-in-law the family house/suburban compound for 270 yet they took our a 490 thousand dollar mortgage on said property which I had the legal skills to find. The point, in her sociopathic mind was to drive a wedge, a hatred between myself and my wife to such an extent as to secure her bonding with grandkids she has had not contact with for a solid year. She evicted her own kids/grandkids from the “family suburban compound” last year thus negating the rent would/could have been paying to save the property from foreclosure madness. They should have stayed there yet the sociopathic games became too much. A French decent redhead with a Napolean complex comes to mind.
She sent the letter to a post office box my daughter got to specifically avoid her controlling aspect of sifting through her mail and taking things like credit card bills merely to increase my daughter’s dependence upon the control mechanisms of the sociopathic mindset that is …..name redacted for Homeboy Security…I don’t have the status and protection of people on the white hat side of the coming war between predatory capitalism vs the survival of large numbers of the human species.