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CNN Sucks Anyway

It warmed my heart when I talked with a woman close to my age about 96.9 Boston’s Talk radio about the “set up” and ouster of “controversial” Jay Sevrin.

You know how they set him up with that “sexual thing” but it was not about sex he was just too far outside the mainstream approved paradigms.

Yes! Yes! Yes!  A kindred spirit as she understood every word I said!

Seven “News” Boston

If I was in charge of the FCC which hands out “licenses” for public broadcast stations I would not renew this station for the criminal nonsense of touting TV shows as newsworthy topics.  It’s actually not news, they can’t report on real news.  I have my alternate sources of news, which makes lamestream not lamestream anymore but something far more offensive.  A programming device plus a commercialized venue designed to make you feel good.

Almost Over!

For me this sel-election series is much like the sappyness of yet another 911 day.  I will stay home as the oligarchy owns the concept of ORomney.  To me it is as tacky as a tacky ad for a tacky coin.…

The only up side?  Our new neighbors across the street at our new ranch are first class excellent people.

Living Now

Somehow my four Apocalyptic horses have become six.  Yes, we have a barn, a riding arena and twelve happy faced girls atop glitter ponies for a birthday party on a perfect fall day.  We are getting rave reviews from all who attend our new country setting.  It is dusk to past dawn hard work but there is love here.  Foliage trail rides will turn into sledding on the hill will turn into an Easter Egg hunt in the spring.  If boneheads screw it up not in the meantime.

Methinks people in general have lost their horse sense.

OK it might be nice to have my computer apps on “the cloud” but that means my computer life, my actual real life lives on “the cloud” which means none of “my” shit, “my” life, “my” data, “my” tax returns, comments on Farcebook, Tweets, my last colonoscopy, credit score, political leanings,Google search history, cell phone GPS location history is hardly private.

Well do I actually have anything to hide?  Well no but, how do I explain this.  In coming to care for six horses do I think people suck more than horses.  Well ya.

People hump each other in more ways than horses can even think.  Sure there is a herd mentality but horses don’t think about whose God is better, who has granite countertops and who doesn’t or who is more popular and who is not.  

They can hear my footsteps in the morning as I walk up to the barn.  I have come to know which horse whinnies and I value that more than all the kings men, the lamestream claptrap streams to the Chinese slave made IPhone I don’t have.

Paradise I have found but how long can I keep it.

Enduring Another 911

It’s that sappy time of year again.  Doesn’t Katie Couric look like a plastic Barbie Doll Stepford Wife.  Alex Jones once again talks of Al-CIA-duh boogeymen numbered guys being killed yet again.  Even my 911 truther crowd is quiet.  Perhaps worn out.

Happy Labor/Mauer Day

I actually went to get hay today.  The local grain store was closed but Home Depot and the super wally world, both open.  The private lakefront yuppie community did large fireworks last night(not the stuff you can buy in New Hampshire).   So my question to you is, was there a last blast or can we not afford that in these uncertain times.  We spent the day working on the new farm.  Traffic seemed light and gas is almost 4 bucks.  In my new country setting I am seriously debating not even bothering to register to vote.  I am happier not cluttering my mind with second veil stuff.  That plus a farm day is long and winter is coming.  A to do list does not work when you spend hours looking for unpacked tools someplace in the new garage.  Never had a garage before.


So why am I offended by a bottle of Purell.

FBF Now With Recovery Disk

What did, how did Lasthorseman come up with fear based fascism in 30 seconds of lamestream media from Boston’s 96.9 FM talk radio.

The dire issue of the day was that a vendor of whoopie pies at a farmers market refused to sell to people paying with “welfare” money/cards.  Can we take a lesson from the movie V for Vendetta on the assholianisms inherent in lamestream media?

I could show you, provide links as to what Paul Craig Roberts (the father of ray-gun-onmics, who now writes for the Alex Jones set) if my current laptop was not a smoldering piece of virus laden, corrupted registry crap.  It would appear the MY PERSONAL NSA staff only allows “My computer” to access lamestream websites.  Very strange indeed.  In my heyday I had five computers in the computer room as backup redundancy just because Bill Gates is one of Satan’s highest minions.

Layofficus Permenaticus

Yes, I have been laid off from the company that makes those laser targeting thingies by which “we” can LIGHT UP in a nookular sense Iran.

Are you defective too in today’s modern workplace?

Do you have something offensive on your Facebook page?

Cause I Don’t Like It Here Again

I understand the business must survive via the exploitation of long term employees the company has NOT developed and thus have an intelligence level someplace in the junior high school level.  I also understand the company’s need to have nine temp agencies on speed dial to avoid making temp employees permanent thus having to pay the meager, what you call the company benefit package.  I also understand it was bullshit when the 30 something HR ditzqueen with zero technical background cited my “not liking it here” as a premier age discrimination reason to not “bring me onboard”, when I know such an option was not in the cards anyway.   So who am I and what do I know.

Well I have 22 years experience in a directly related scientific field.  I used to design, build, troubleshoot, test, revamp, improve completely automated machines to do what the junior high schoolians are doing right now.  I used to do it with an aim towards a commercial high speed level of production aided by equipment which would not even be a remote concept with this company.  In fact I can testify as to the third world status, maybe even below third world status of this company in regards to equipment, procedures, policy, ISO certifications which are meaningless, green, OSHA, building code violations, low employee morale and obsolete product line and no company cafeteria.

Perhaps they best invest in a factory in Vietnam.  OH, what do I make?  What am I making right now?  The big push right now is parts for those bomb targeting thingies so they can light up Iran after the globalist bankers have their Obamney fake selection process this November.

Yes, I got forced out of Assachusetts for sure and for good.  The Romneycare tax penalty for not having health (crappy watered down) insurance is $2424 for me and the wife.  Now we would like to have it cause she, I worry about a 58 year non-insured old blasting through the woods on horseback like some 25 year old but we also know from past experience that all of these new plans suck to some galactically different degree much like every other avenue of human endeavor we are trying to pursue to ensure sort of the continuation and happiness of our immediate and extended family.  Hey, maybe the sunspots might take out the power grid but today there is peace.  There is hope for a new life in our new locale.  The horses are inside in their new barn.  We are bringing new life to a foreclosed and abandoned paradise against all odds.

Facepalm Day

Zombie bullets in demand?

Is Facebook the next myspace?  An entity on the downward curve of product life cycles.  Who knew ahead of time about this.  Questions pondered NOT by lamestream media.

Why not just have the naked robots be the soldiers just like the automated drones with the advanced AI intelligence capacity “we” don’t want to reveal yet?  I don’t know, did I say that right.

Oh, I am currently building parts for those laser targeting devices we are going to ship to Israel so that would probably put Iran sometime just AFTER the Bilderberg selection media circus event.

If you might be considering any sort of refinance deal to take advantage of the “lower rates” I can not recommend more highly the refresher courses entitled Today’s Sith Lord banking finance policies and or the new book Financial Colonoscopy, Two Root Canals Plus a life long IRS Audit Combined.

Otherwise the horses are fine although a bit wet.   The grandkids are fine.  I am awaiting termination from my temp job because I daily flag a posting for the job I have right now as spam/discrimination/fraud/pick a category.  Of course Monster don’t respond.  Why?  Because the 30 something ditz in HR can’t “bring me onboard” if I don’t like (re-entering junior high school) it here.  You got nine temp companies on speed dial just to avoid paying benefits so an ice cream social does not make up for that one.  No I didn’t say it because being 57, a former regarded expert at a much larger and far more globalistically oriented company in a directly related field, I made the error of thinking perhaps this meager Hr ditz might be interested in what I had to say about this particular companies obvious shortcomings.  My mistake.  People polish their own turds.  You know it’s their turd and thus it simply can not, does not and will never ever stink.

It made sense to me now why this recent MBA linkedin HR professional left a decent drug company for a has been third rate washed up defense contracting company.

I also like this commencement speech given at a local yuppie Mass town I know not well but has been the brunt of political posturings of late.  An English teacher advises students that you are not special.  How blatantly true.…

A last thought and an addition.  While in Germany I did have the opportunity to witness real Russian soldiers dusting snow off their war memorial.  I happened to be with an American soldier at the time so I did pick up on his tension at this sight.  Moments like this started my new worldview about bankers socially engineering both of the isms my Dad spent fighting.


Outside of Alex Jones network there is little coverage of this weekend’s confab of international global kingmakers.  Governments have little influence over these sociopaths as they can and do manufacture the realities for their collective peasant populations.  Don’t look for lamestream coverage.  For that there are increasingly other credible sources.…

Huffingtonpost mention!…

Wow, and that other “enemy” WND?…

Would you prefer red or blue supercorpofascistOrwellexpalidociousness with your post modern world?

An excellent collection of Bilderberg arrests and activities is up at wearechange plus don’t miss the confrontation series of those globalist heavyweights.

Luke, may the force be with you.

The official attendee list.  This is not the 1% this is the top of the top.…

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