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Say goodbye to youTube!

Google video and youTube are releasing a beta software package that “allows” copyright holders to block clips.…
The 911 truth people are most upset as it means all those clips of original news footage of the day could be forever lost. Yes, we are backing up the good ones now.  Technicians will once again have to figure out a way to bypass this crap.

Today though those many websites I saw two years ago warning of the Orwellian dangers of DRM(digital rights management) and Windows Longhorn have disappeared and been replaced with the how wonderful Microshaft is.

Net neutrality was never a real issue, the real issue is will the net become just a cheap plastic shopping mall with streaming Faux News reports geared to a mental age of twelve.

Shit like this just sends me into my usual incoherent rage.

From Russia with Love

Like a near death experience my life changed last Friday when I witnessed my Russian boss experience a mental melt down as a consequence of having lived his life in two totalitarian states.  I now know I’m right as I say “we” (America) won’t last through the winter.


A world renown scientist is escorted out the front door.  Why, well I did go to business school and as such could translate a proper “separation” statement.  Bottom line though is that a well educated man refused to put up with the Kafkaesqueness of the company he worked for.  When I get fired too it will make a good book.

Then I come home.  My wife is upset even incredulous.  A reputable company would put people through this shit?
Guido’s Health Care says she is not covered.…

They play subliminal propaganda during the first half hour on hold, then oops, a “dropped call”.  After the second half hour and enduring the painful propaganda again they tell me they will “review it in 15 days”.  Trust me these people are not only trained in ambiguity with this company it is institutionalized.

Now if that’s no enough to raise your blood pressure here in mAssachusetts health insurance is now MANDATORY.  That simply means Kafka insurance, the model for this state will come to an insurance “provider” where you live.

Actually do I really want to go the doctor’s anyway?  Hmmm….the life insurance companies can know if I was tested and found to have genetic tendencies to…..

I said, Ok honey, tonight I’ll finish the wallpaper, tomorrow I’ll go see the horse.

Guido’s Health Care

Massachusetts now requires health insurance.  If this is not unconstitutional it should be.  People without insurance of course don’t do their patriotic fair share in supporting the big pharma industry.  All this is going to mean though is a rapid downslide of an ever increasing list of not covered “procedures”.

It’s “open enrollment” time at work.  In the past representatives of the prospective health insurers would come to the workplace to explain their benefits.  This year it’s down to a read the intranet page and then click on the black hole of computing benefit selctions page.  We are down to Guido’s health care.…

This year I found the company benefit selection page most profane and offensive.  They tout your “opportunity” to set up an account, which you have no control over, in order to pay for medical expenses.
The second part goes on to extoll the virtues of preventive medicine and actually states “only 1/3 went to the doctors for annual checkups”.
Yes, I did save the pdf file.  Let me illustrate the point here clearly.  The company said only 1/3 of you went to the doctor for an annual checkup.
In general with every word in this health brochure I can envision the focus group of evil HR minions agonizing over each and every word trying to make a turd look like a silver spoon.

Oh, I see, that must mean this is total bullshit right?…
Privacy of medical records?  I didn’t authorized the company to ask my doctor if I went last year.  The marriage of the most Satanic memes in business are now going to be coupled to and reinforced through government.
You will buy our crappy insurance, take our unproven drugs and if you go blind as a side effect tough shit.

Now when I get fired for being a Deek, I’ll post the entire pdf and more here.

How’s your health “insurance”, watch as in time it’s going to wither away into corporate nothingness, kind of like dealing with the IRS or your cell phone “plan”.

Family Traditions

I love being in the woods, always have.  There is something peaceful and natural breathing the fresh pine scented air of a wooded area.  My family has been content with simple things in life, one of those being walking around the local wooded area around our suburban water supply to collect pine cones for Christmas wreathes.  In this post 911 world though one year we were kicked out.
It was, we were told, a matter of “National Security”, by some idiot employee of (actually I have no friggin idea and he did not identify himself).  We were just “not allowed” to be there.  Somehow this strikes me as odd. 

As a resident of the community and recipient of the water therein contained in said water supply, did they not think said resident, and drinker of said water, would not report to appropriate authorities the pollution of previously stated water supply by turban wearing swarthy looking middle-eastern bearded men?
I then started my blogging over at with this incident.  I was dutifully told over there that collecting pine cones was not a specifically guaranteed Consitutional right.  I then related the incident of getting forever banned in under 48 hours from to dailykos.

Now though I have a one year old grandson who delightfully extends his arms everytime he sees me.  I showed him my wonder of the woods on a magical 4 wheeler ride this summer when we went to our vacation/potential survialist spot camping trip.  He now looks at me and says Vroom, Vroom as he asks me for a little fun, a little enjoyment in life.  He seeks the bonding with another human who knows how to love him and unconditionally does.  He finds it refreshing and different from his parents who are caught up mostly in the Satan inspired propaganda ministry know collectively as “American media” and also the collective soap opera foisted upon the twenty somethings of the current cannon fodder generation.

I want to show him the simpler joys in life, like collecting pine cones for Christmas wreathes but in teaching him that I have to show him also the Satanic side of humanity I’ve come to see all too clearly.
The “post 911 world”, the fallacy of a global war on “terra”.  In time I’ll have to explain why we could not go to the “old” location where there are lots of pine cones instead of this new place where the pine trees are much smaller.

His parents are basically tradesman types so I get to explain to him what Machiavellian really means.  That duty and responsibility allows me to get up in the morning even when I see the entire world as totally insane.  Should I also attempt to assess his capacity and willingness to accept truth or should I leave it up to the Matrix and let him decide for himself to fight Agent Smith or take the blue pill and lead the usual pod person life.

I happen to think he’s got the spirit, if he can pick me out of a crowd and can hold on to a wonderful memory two months ago as a one year old, he has my support.  Once I pick him up, it’s just about impossible to put him down.

The Tin Foil Hat Report

How does one explain what goes on in this country. 
Humans are most illogical as Star Trek’s Mr Spock would say.


A response I used in response to comments on the net while 911 truthing.  No, it’s not me but my lab does have some of this equipment.…

This one features a device for receiving and interpreting signals from the brain and driving a computer to act upon those requests.  The software package used to do this has amazing capacity plus does not require years of study to learn.  Now with this wonderful technology to aid people afflicted with neurological impairments what would you think this country would do with it.
Keep in mind these are students, the “kids” can do it.

Reversing the situation, if one can receive, can one transmit.  Links are definitely not CNN so many will be unmoved.  Then again in following scientific topics for 40 years some of the books I read as a kid you won’t see in any US library.……

So if you can’t sell the concept of Demonic possesion in this day and age you can always blame it on those mind control cell phone towers.

Russian Staff Leaves Iran

Lock and load people.  It would seem that Halliburtton is not happy with the profit margins in Iraq, so what we really need is a wider conflagration and more global upheaval.  We/Israel bombs Iran, Iran oil stops and with winter we get to freeze in the dark.  Cool huh.…

Shopping list.

What is that Biblical passage, Thou shalt hear of wars and rumors of wars.

Package Store Run!

Fence? Bullshit Nancy


Clear evidence is emerging that the secret government is clashing with the “sheeple” government and they can’t get their stories straight.  While Pelosi is dissing “the fence” the reality of a long term pet project of the Bilderburg/New World Order/CFR crowd is pushing for an EU style merger called the North American Union.
Yes, elite shitheads whose sole existence consists of being parasites want to grab even more power for themselves.,  ya, that is dot gov
Note that these pricks have changed their site, updating it to make it out like it’s a benevolent service.
And as timely as government is the factories are already flying out of Mexico in favor of far cheaper China labor rates. 
I can testify to the efficiency and “stellar” quality coming out of the factories in Mexico.  The company I work for did it.  Massive goat fuck that was.  Incidentally the flight to Mexico actually started before NAFTA.  I do remember one of my projects in the late 80’s was to recycle American made parts because the ones from Juarez were useless.  So will that make it twice in my lifetime I get laid off because some asshole wants his 1.78 billion golden parachute bonus.

Hmm…If I wrote my memoirs would they just rub me out?

Just as I said three days after those Nov 7 elections I knew Pelosi was with the Illumninati and this one shows it once again.  Note here I should not use the term Illuminati, but rather global interests who own the US government.

So on top of nuking Iran, thug cops tazering and breaking the arms of high school kids, the bird flu, bio-safety-level4 labs,depleted uranium tanks in Kansas, Habeus Corpus and that funny echo effect you hear on your cell phone, what’s up in your life.  Ain’t “freedom” wonderful?

Deerfield Fair

A welcome family fall tradition is a country fair.  Being 52 and having many country fairs in memory this year I noted two changes.

Approaching the free parking lot last year’s sign “Designated Protest Area” was not there.

The patriotic exhibit last year sponsored by Jeep was not there.  That and the Army recruiting station was mostly visited by fourteen year olds looking for “free stuff”.  The armament displays, a howitzer, Saw machine gun and the full camo bunker which were in place after 911 were not in evidence this year.

Iran War

It’s 5:50 PM EDT.
Note the comment saying Kyl-Lie-berman resolution passed in the Senate.

Note rabid 52 year old America searching attic for American flag to hang upside down on front of house located on Main Street.

Nice horsie, God says time’s almost here.

Yes I guess it’s official

The floodgate of Hell itself are wide open.

Permission to Fly, Sir

When one distrusts corporate media as much as I do news which will directly affect my life has to come from other sources.  This is from one of them.  My daughter is set to fly to California next week and I’m scared shitless.

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