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“In this post 911 world”

“You DON’T have a cell phone,said with anger and disgust”

New one!

“It said free but now they want money.”

Temp employment does not count in applying for home mortgages…Oh and if you have not applied for a mortgage lately?   You will love the regulatory/IRS/ money/ Admiral Poindexter total surveillance gaming aspect of documenting your life on where the money came from.  Yes, that’s right, prepare to document thyself.  More on this later.  Going up to sign purchase and sale of new Apocalypse Ranch.  It’s going to be great.  I do recall some comment I made about the social engineering aspects of Thomas the Train.

Just in!  MIT professor has ecat device

Now the bummer top CT news story.  Domestic re-education gulags.……


So how did the rest of my day go?  We walked the land which might be ours next month.  It should be/would be merely an exchange house for house but life today is complicated in this post 911 world.  If we get out of this intact I have to do the book.  A horse farm with heart.  We know everybody in the family loved what we did at the sociopathic mother/monster inlaw’s property.  Horse and rider, back to nature.  Wilbur our pig, the chickens, the geese and four horses to start.  A red tractor for manure, a few acres to plant Christmas trees, a play area for the kids.

Follow your dream farm.  What a career change engineer to horseman.  The more I learn about horses, a prey animal the more I learn/”see” about people, the ultimate predatory animal.

We did have to return home and my two year old grandson wanted to see the birdies.  The birdies are six young chickens currently in our bathroom in a plastic box under a heat lamp.  He stares at them in awe with his big blue eyes.

He is going to make an excellent Knight of the Veils.

In the meantime Grampy has to convince his mother not to marry Dancing Gigolo Richard for her money, sell a house while at war with the Agenda 21 yuppie idiots of the zoning board, get a real job, clean up/out two formerly suburban houses, write the book, make the website while blogging about how life used to be.


  1. She laughed out loud.  I was happy to bring such joy to an 83 year old with my descriptions of the world of today sucks in galactically exponentially expanding proportions.  Currently biffing years upon years of suburban memories.  My second daughter used to do puzzles and then frame them after clear coating the pieces together.  Many excellent nature scenes with moose and deer, Indian themes and lakefront woodland scenes of log cabins.

    There remained only two in the attic.  One was a commemorative scene of the 911 twin towers, the other was of Neuschwanstein.  I immediately biffed the 911 piece of crap and saved the Bavarian castle.

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