McORomneyCare and the Fallacy of the Supreme Court

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I am from Massachusetts, that mandatory health insurance state.  I have not had medical insurance since 2008.  I have not been to a dentist since 2008.  I have not had a real job since 2008.  Out of my three kids one is insured only due to Mass Health which is actually a good deal if you are financially destitute.  My other daughter has a watered down United Health Care policy which sucks and my son is the all time winner with the supreme suck policy offered by WalMart.  All of which I suppose are better than nothing.

The wife is pissed because a 57 year old is blasting down trails on horseback with his 5 months pregnant daughter.  Yeehaw, time is short my dear, gotta enjoy it.  Oh, yeah we did stop so I could smoke a butt too.  Not sure what yuppie town we were in or if that was fucking illegal either.

The galactic goat fuck that is the planned, engineered and designed destruction of access to health care predates 2008 and relates mostly to the compensation package of douchebags like William McQuire.…

Stellar compensation for stellar performance Bill.…

As long as I am on the medical theme?

Today when I Google using the keyword zones of privacy which I always formerly used to find this Orwellian non-privacy off medical records …

This link USED TO return a nifty circle of “friends” who can and do have free access to your last colonoscopy.  It includes just about any financially connected institution/NGO/call center in India/CIA front company….whatever.

Back to United and their shitty health care which actually was the precursor for the death of decent but expensive company sponsored HMOs.  In the not so distant heyday of America used to being King the company offered a choice of up to five health care plans complete with telephone size books listing doctors, benefits, the whole nine yards.  That degraded to to a four page sheet of increasing deductables from a single provider, yup, United Health.  Ok so when employees started getting claims rejected other employees started using the company email system to provide information about how to get these claims paid which then begat the corporat policy on improper use of company IT systems.  This was pre 2008.  Pre engineered financial crash, OK?

OOhhh.  Almost forgot the mandatory road stop enforced vaccination of flying pig unicorns debacle of 2009.  The almost overnight construction of corporate chain pharmacies driven mostly by direct to consumer ads by big pharma.

Ask your doctor for

You own your disease see side effect disclaimers in number two font

There is no cure just symptom management via magic pills

But what else you might ask.  What you mean there is more?


Swat team raids on raw milk, organic farms and more renewed crap about microchipping registered animals,BARDA, outlawing suburban backyard tomato gardens,S510 on top of the toxic diet coke industry that I think is limiting the lifespan of my second daughter.

Are you sick of my insane rant yet?  What you mean there is more?

Well of course there is more, there is always more when you have the capacity for self directed rational thought outside of what (commercial/for profit/corporat) lamestream offers up as people division/diversion/socially engineered sound bytes of the day,hour,minute.

Enter the obscene meme talking point of the day.  Let us divert attention away from horsemanure health care for all by pitting women against Bible Belters so the Willaim McQuires of the world can have their compensation packages by shaving birth control off the ever growing list of other uncovered lab tests you don’t get a copy of.  See privacy of medical records above mentioned, artificial intelligence computing models, soylent green, Monsanto and other suggested research topics.

Do I have more?  Well yes I do but I will save it for a future episode of suburban American Seig Heil Orwellian Pavlovian Professor Panarinisms.  I did dispense with the graphics for timesake.  Some time in the future I would like to get the tumor removed from my left leg cause it rubs against my riding boots when I can’t find real socks.  It continually amazes me the good shit you can’t buy anymore.

Ah, cleansing breath.  Warm summer day.  Pure thoughts from young grandkids.

A full compliment of four Apocalyptic Horses.  Life is complete.  


  1. You will have to buy crap healthcare with the job you don’t have.

    Do I have more?  Well yes I do.  Outside of the guns are icky issue of the day Homeboy Stupidity has protected western civilization from the perils of illegal “counterfeit” hair dryers.  I can but I won’t wax on.  Radioactive Bed Bath and Beyond Tissue holders come to mind but….

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