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March 11 and no Bomb Iran

Thank you all.

I predicted March 2-9.  Thank you.

Thank you for writing your congress idiot.  Thank you for thinking about it.  Thank you for praying about averting it.  Thank you for bitching about the price of gas and the globalist banker assholes who are making six figures off of the war on errorism and Iran’s intentions of selling oil in ANYTHING but American dollars.

Yes, we took the Apocalyptic horses out for a nice trail ride today.  It is after all a remarkable warm day in March in New England.  Al Gore’s bullshit carbon tax crap is already embedded in lamestream culture and government policies but hey “we” nor Israel has not started World War Three.  It is a two day accomplishment.  One day at a time is the theme I guess.

Thank you.

OK, so maybe they start with Syria and that leads to Iran.  You know kind of like Saddam had weapons of mass instruction and or that vast high tech global spy ring operating out of caves in Afghanistan made George Bush continue reading My Pet Goat.  Ah, old news, old rant.

On to the staged news picked up by “our” media.…

Killed my first mosquito today March 12.  That has gotta be another first in my 56 years.

A Trespass Bill

Carbon Exempt Airport Scanners


I Lasthorseman worked in an industrial research organization.  My duties included taking X-rays which meant mandatory ionizing radiation training every year.  Radiation monitoring badges collected monthly plus signing off annually an acknowledgement of receipt of the radiation report.  My badge was from this company.  I am now working at another company which has X-ray equipment.  This company mandates users signed up for radiation badges must wear the badges all day even if not in radiation hazard areas.…

OSHA regulated ionizing radiation.…

My home state regulates ionizing radiation.…

Title 21 defines what radiation means.…

So if you go to the airport does/is your “Friendly” TSA “Officer” wearing his/her radiation safety dosimeter badge.  If not he/she is “illegal”.

Which brings me to my infamous study on the effectiveness of tin foil hats.…

Ask Not What Your Country

Ask Not What Your Country can do for you, ask what your country can do TO you.

Live from the Apocalypse Ranch your favorite Knight of the Veils presents pre-Iran war ides of March signs of the times!

Die Mauer im Kopf

The Wall in the Mind….literally.

The Berlin Wall may have come down but America built a bigger one!

Commercials on lamestream about “Borderlands”.  It’s about “America’s”  War on Terror, complete with dramatic music as “the authorities” scour remote woodlands looking for dangerous boogeymen.

Come on Apocalypse.  Bring it!  Let’s get this crap over with already!

Kurt Haskell.…

Just some of the storylines are entertaining.

Washington DC: FBI foils own terror plot:Again

Why Andrew Napolitano was fired.

Private Prison Company demands 90% Occupancy Rate

Rahm Imanuels Chicago:Snipers in response to NATO/G8 Protests

Bill Gates Favors Dead Panels and Vaccines to Decrease World Populations

Israel US Expand False Flag Attacks to ramp up propaganda campaign

Insurance companies dropping birth control

Stuff like this should be just as illegal as kid porn.

Today “conservative” Boston Talk radio 96.9 said something about a bill allowing insurance companies to drop birth control.  Thought all day about it wondering how many of Sith Lords participated in that marketing focus group.  The whole concept sent me into this rage about……..

Do they think all of us are as dumb as a box of rocks.

Is it to pacify the southern Jesus freaks who do have guns.

What is their angle in irritating women everywhere.

Half Time?

Calling the real Clint.  Well beyond halftime, how about we are down by 27 with 10 seconds to go.  Had an excellent conversation with a follow white haired guy like me about how far gone this country is.  Then we discussed preppers and bug out options.

Cop chases self.…

A Superbowl Sunday

Yes I am watching the Superbowl but I was also streaming the latest videos from Project Camelot.  I have to maintain some semblance of normalcy for my fellow peasant coworkers at my military industrial complex paint drying factory.  I have to sort of understand why they get all excited by such trivial drivel.  Now I don’t actually mean to say that in any sort of derogatory way.  I truely feel sorry for them not having any sort of clue about the reality of their American experiences and belief systems.

Its sort of a Stanford Prison experiment exercise.

How Americans Lost America

I suburban baby boomer, a kid during JFKs “Camelot” years relates to the engineered deliberate destruction of America, the social engineering which brought us here.  Strange mood tonight for these strange times.

Quite definite I have lost my house and will surely drain the lifesavings over a bizzare Khafkaesque Superior Court case.  There are no small towns anymore.  Places in which everybody knows your name.  A forced retirement too soon.  Dad died.  My horse died along with dreams of buying a horse farm.  A dead end job at what used to be a premier defense company.  Daily observations of people, no not really people but bots, zombies of varied types.  They are “just doing their job”.

They wear ideals on their sleaves.  Not really standing for anything save the trivialities given to them from an electronic box in their living room.  Ten years of this cancer, that surreal Steven King Wars of Error 911 police state horror movie that never ends.  It’s woven into the destructive fabric of a rotting Dmitry Orlov deliberate planned post industrial future dystopia.

“Have a Good One”?  How about just saying Fuck you too.  I’d appreciate some honesty for a change.

Bring it 2012.  Let me please light the match.  Let the poles reverse.  Let the sunspots take out every, every single piece of silicon globally.  Maybe after the rage wears off I will regain some semblance of coherent thought pattern but right now.  Nah, I just don’t feel the love.  The abnormal has been normalized for far too long.  Meh, probably too late for a website.

An Exercise

Everybody has the ability.  Some are better in different areas than others.  Some just don’t accept or rather perhaps have “learned”/been indoctrinated into thinking there is nothing more than the mere five senses.  I get impressions from a first glance at a picture.  Evil people really stand out.

You can do it too.  Try it.


How can it be illegal to live in a house before there was a law saying it was illegal to live in a house.

Simply because I present the evidence in a letter from Charlene saying she lived in my house in 1964 with three other families also living there that does not present evidence that these three families were not living there illegally even if I present evidence that there was no law saying that three families living in a single woodframe constructed building built in 1907 was not illegal in 1964.

Know it or not, like it or not your personal housing options have changed.

In-law apartments are “illegal”.  No, if you have space in your house and want to take care of Mom or Dad in their golden years,  fuggedabboudit.  There are far more costly options available to an industry which has targeted that most frugal and prosperous parents of baby boomer generation.

As to rules, building codes, fires, fire prevention and people, firefighters dying in “illegal” buildings well.  A death, anyone’s death in such an instance is tragic but allow me to submit the other motivational factor driving “safe” suburban American existence.

Profit margins of insurance companies.

We, statistically, used to kill 55,000 per year in America but that was before airbags, seatbelts and the saturation of road space trafficwise which prohibits attaining speeds fast enough to cause any damage in the first place.

Did your auto insurance rates go down?

Iran is Not Our Enemy

I shall start with this one.

A trillion dollar lawsuit which would end financial tyranny.  The Keenan lawsuit, fact or fraud?  How bout those Patriots.…

Rand Paul detained by TSA goons.…

Also of note are worldwide reports of strange noises in the sky.

There are pages upon pages of youtubes etc.…

Is the Chicago morgue full?

All your computer files belong to “us” here on the cloud (clod computing).


Also not in the news former secret service agent claims police brutality.


Oh, and I am looking at a house in New Hampshire that lists for 229 today.  In 2006 it sold for 480.

Iran is not our enemy, we are our enemy.

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