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A cross cultural explanation from my point of view about contemporary isms.

For reference?

Well there is the excellent at it’s start but much degraded upon it’s continuation movie “God Bless America”.  Now available on commercial Verizon pay per view.  Very embarassed to recommend but it plays into my Prof Panarin end of the empire themes.

I do not own a cell phone.  In not owning a cell phone, such a troglodyte position is viewed upon with contempt by the “tech savy” younger generation.

“Well, what if I need to get in touch with you when I am on the road”.  Payback is a bitch I guess as my Woodstock generation can be quoted as don”t trust anybody over thirty.  Well OK, now anybody under thirty I can’t trust at all.  All things tech are “interesting” things, double edged swords so to speak.  Nuclear.  One can power a million homes or incinerate a million homes.  Hmm…. but humans think “we” are “it” and in light of Japan I just have to ask hey people, how did that work out for ya.

Next culturalism.  I works most excellently with people who are heavily mainstream media connected.

Start coughing.  Add some nasal sniffle to that mix.

Cough again, then blow your nose several times.

They will make a comment as to the extent of “your” illness and perhaps you should go home to avoid contaminating this illustrious corporate fascist workplace.  They might “catch” what you have as you have demonstrated what they have been told are signs of dire “ask your doctor for” illness.  Yes, there is a magic pill, a cure, a thing your doctor (a/an”educated” figure of authority says you have to do) to…….keep yourself viable and healthy such that you can participate in the corporate monetary enslavement plan.

They are pissed because your illness might fuck up their their future health insurance plan nightmare prospects and their unspoken uncertainties about their mainstream media induced fallacies about proper health care in general.

I mean you can Google excellent designer big pharma drugs and pull up the litigation attorneys which kind of means government is corporate’s bitch to whatever degree you might want to accept that fact.

There is a “war on drugs” yet society sucks so bad corporate might have a job for a PhD level plasma physics MIT educated candidate, but you gotta have a drug test first.  What does this ultimately mean?  Your value to the corporate world is about the equivalent of a Chinese FoxCon suicide net jumper but you don’t know about it yet.

Oh, I almost forgot about Earth Day.  That global eugenics corporate fascism dripping do the world a favor and blow your surburban SUV driving brains out for the profit margins of billionaire pedophiles day.  Do you get my drift here?  Did I fully illustrate my contempt for such foolish, Satanic recycled 1958 carbon footprint pyramid ponzi scams.

Last but not least is my take on the social engineering efforts behind a popular kids theme today “Thomas the Train”.  The main theme behind Thomas the Train is that Thomas and his friend are “useful” (train) engines led by “Sir Toppam Hat”.  This does contrast with my baby boomer’s train oriented story of the engine that could,  I think I can, I think I can, which is of course a far more personally enabling concept than you VILL obey ze uberfurhor uber alles.



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