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Harnessing the Devil so Lazarus Lives.

Adam Smith’s capitalism is as different from Mitt Romney’s as a robin is from a buzzard.

Understand please that humans throw around terminology that has dubious relation to reality but how might one not be able to distinguish a small greedy street peddler struggling for survival with a giant corporation raiding other giants for all their cash and readily salable assets, loading it up with debt to further enrich the plunderers and then shipping the pitiful remains to China or other poor countries where they may survive only through the use of even child or slave labor?

The latter tend to represent socialism (in its true sense) more than anything remotely resembling the theories of Adam Smith.  Europe’s prosperous northern tier of “socialist” countries are not socialist at all in any meaningful sense such as the kibbutzim of early Israel that produced wealth but weighed too heavily on the people to continue long.

It is hardly unknown for poisons to be utilized as medicine with beneficial effect.

As children we got into an old visiting doctor’s bag in a day when doctors made house calls.  I was startled even at a very tender age to find a container of strychnine used to poison coyotes by whipping up the heart beyond the limits of its ability.

The doctor explained that he was able to use the strychnine in what could be fatal doses for healthy people to sometimes revive a dying heart patient.

Vampire bat saliva has been used for strokes, proteins from the rabies virus may be more efficacious in smuggling drugs across the blood-brain barrier than Vitamin C.

Most all vaccines utilize a poison, an adjuvant, to alert and direct the immune system to vigorously attack a pathogen or even an internal enemy like cancer.

Prof. Yvonne Paterson spent decades experimenting with the often lethal Listeria bacterium as a vaccine adjuvant but Big Pharma shuddered in fright at the thought of giving deathly ill cancer patients (the primary target) with blasted immune systems a shot of Listeria, even in a weakened form.  Today they are far more interested in pushing conventional and junk branded medicine than in ultra-expensive risky research, let alone what Yvonne Patersonm had to offer.

Much smaller fry were not tempted either.

Then one courageous, daffy sort raised money from the most notorious of all financial predators with death spiral convertibles to run a Phase I trial and had blazing success IMO.  Of 13 patients, 2 had their widely metastasized cancers disappear without a trace.  

This was not the diabolical melanoma that seems capable of doing a disappearing act with most anything and then rapidly mutates and returns with a vengeance, meaner and more hurtful than ever.  It was cervical cancer that is easily cured in early stages but very aggressive and mostly impervious to any attack in later stages.

Then the company and the vaccine were dead again – a bled out corpse done in by the financial predator.

Then it was resuscitated with a ton of money and a mighty struggle by a tainted promoter and now it may well die again.  Angry shareholders who dreamed of a cornucopia of wealth quickly are mad, mad, mad and want to sue and want Big Pharma to buy what they didn’t want before and lawyers may be preparing for their favorite chase: ambulances.

This puny capitalist has pitched some pennies in the pot (literally pennies – I may be stupid but that doesn’t necessarily mean I am a fool).  I do love inventors and people doggedly pursuing their dreams and hate cancer.  

Maybe then after all, I am a fool as well.  I have seen Lazarus walk [not a dead Lazarus but a doomed Lazarus].  Probably would have been better had I not.

The very bad guys will probably win again Friday and Lazarus can remain safely in his grave.

Best,  Terry


A cross cultural explanation from my point of view about contemporary isms.

For reference?

Well there is the excellent at it’s start but much degraded upon it’s continuation movie “God Bless America”.  Now available on commercial Verizon pay per view.  Very embarassed to recommend but it plays into my Prof Panarin end of the empire themes.

You’ll Love This- WH Sides With Big Pharma vs. Clinics on Prices

There are over 15,000 clinics and hospitals in this country, which get their drugs for poorer patients from a government discount – drug act which was created in 1992.   They spend over $6 billion, and they are supposed to get a discount of 30% to 50% off.

During the past 8 years, (that’s mostly during the Bush administration 2002 – , with some overlap into the 3rd Term of Bipartisanbamaship ) the inspector general for HHS noticed drug manufacturers were overcharging their customers, but not getting dinged for it and being motivated to be good contractors.

Ted Slafsky, executive director of Safety Net Hospitals for Pharmaceutical Access — which represents 600 hospitals in the program — said that “manufacturers have been able to overcharge covered entities with impunity.”


Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz County in California sued Astra Zeneca USA.   This upset Big Pharma.

In Dec 2009, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals of San Francisco ruled that clinics and hospitals could sue.

The Supreme Court is asked to rule next.

The U.S. Department of Justice, Eric Holder, Attorney General, under the Presidency of Barack Obama, is now siding with the Pharmaceutical companies to overturn that decision, and telling the Supreme Court they don’t want counties and clinics suing over drug price rip offs.   Per the DOJ, only the Federal Government (not meaning Congress, I guess, but the secret deal maker- in – chief) had the authority to enforce the law.

Marxachusetts Mandatory Medical

Today’s Federal judge ruling on the unconstitutionality of Obama’s mandatory medical can be put in my diversion category.  I have to currently take up space here in Marxachusetts due to financial concerns so I can testify to the suck factor of these “plan enhancements”.  In the early days of the Mass medical nightmare I downloaded the application which is far more intrusive than the 2010 US Community Census questionaire.  It is let’s say IRSesque and the original implied that if you were over 55 years of age they would just bill your estate for past medical expenses.

Anyway even “your” body is no longer “yours”.  It belongs to big pharma and the nanny state which insists you don’t smoke, eat french fries and Twinkies or ride a bicycle without spandex and a funny looking helmet.  We lost the war on drugs cause you can throw a rock from one CVS to the next.  The answer is in the pill you asked your doctor for.  Google it to see if Feinstein and Goldtein Attorneys at law have a class action suit for you.

Now I don’t mean to make light of people who do have genuine health problems but there are well documented studies of the ill effects of marketing on medicine.

Then there was this.


It did take me a bit longer to come up with the term Marxachusetts.

I am more of a naturalnews guy myself.


I don’t own a cell phone, never bought a bottle of Purelle and I don’t have a problem mucking out three stalls so I don’t need a gym for exercise.  The insurance companies know you have a life.  They know you can’t/won’t stay on the phone 45 minutes bitching about lab fees they didn’t cover.  Note how during “open enrollment” they don’t even tell you what IS covered and or the plans read like your 1040 long form in biz/legal Orwellian doublespeak.

My impressions from the RFD channel show that big ag wants to position itself to feed the developing world, ie, the countries Wall Street sent your job to.

Oh, and the most important of all is in spite of them telling you, promising you and making you sign a retarded HIPPA medical record privacy statement the real fact is your medical records are about as private as a Facebook page.

I have of several computers the chart of legal users of “your” “privat” medical records.  And yes, they historized that site months ago.

Bonus items

Limited Hangout


And Jessie Ventura to feature Pilots for 911 truth.

Relevant News

When you assume a worst cast scenario you can prepare mentally for things that may not turn out as bad as they look.

Unplug the signal:The truth will not be televised

You are a slave to the government

Woman, 61, arrested for asing why

Leaked UN documents reveal plan for Green World Order by 2012

That is the beauty of the internet.  I can choose news over being told why the whale should be killed.



Still has a video of Bilderberger Rick Perry grabbing the camera and slinking away back into his limo after being asked real questions.

Also from wearechange.org the Contrail vs Chemtrail video has clips from a mainstream NBC station openly discussing the three purposes of the “secret” chemtrail program.

From lamestream news.  HLN today asked the question do you favor genetic testing.  Do you want your doctor to have that information under the guise of the potential “improvements” big pharma would have in tayloring your specific meds to your specific genetic profile.

Well, hello Dr. Fucking Mengele you sheeple shit moron zombinals.

First off the already have the DNA of my grandson’s.

They will use it to develop the next eugenics plague.

It will get attached to your permanent digital medical records which will never be private.  It will deny you insurance, a job, a position in the evil Illuminati and or living quarters in the underground continuity of government survivalist bunkers.

Rendition:It’s not just for “Terrorists”

Makers of herbal cancer cures included.


Fuck Obama.  Fuck ObamaCare.  Fuck the CO2 global fascism ruse.

Fuck corporate media.

What?  Where is my Christmas spirit?  Went away along with my job.

A CFR Swine Vaccine Marketing Focus Group

For those without broadband a summary follows.  Oh,pissa!  There is a transcript!



“If you choose not to get vaccinated then you pose no risk to those who are, after all they are protected, right.”

Next up.  Open any magazine.  Tally up the total pages then flip through again counting ads related to drugs.  In addition to the ad for the drug there are the legalese disclaimers of drug side effects and contra-indications specific to that drug in number two font.  When you get your flu shot you were of course presented with these disclaimers, contra-indications and or a list of ingredients in your personal shot, right?

Pharmageddon News

Lamestream news begets lamestream culture especially in the minds of “professionals”.  Having financial problems so I went to my financial planner.  He did however have a problem with my plan of cash money in a fireproof safe.  It is his livelyhood to sell you pieces of paper which say you have money,money later that is.  Bank,stock,bond or offshore derivatives none of it is edible.  If the institution goes so the the money.  Future?  There is no future.

Angry Letter to My Blue Dog CongressCritter

Sometime last week we (or “current resident”) received a slick 4-color 6×10 card stock mailer that looks at first glance to have come from our NC-11 congressional rep, Heath Shuler. At the top the reverse-on-blue header reads:

“Congressman Shuler Is Fighting To Make Medicare Prescription Coverage Even Better”

and on the bottom reverse-on-red the italicized message reads:

“Call Congressman Health Shuler today at 202-224-3121. Tell him thanks for fighting to improve Medicare without making seniors pay more, and ask him to keep on fighting until we get the job done.”

The wording struck me a little odd as I read the mailer along with my morning Cheerios. Why would Heath tell me to call him and tell him thanks for his notably atrocious Blue Dog position on health care reform? I mean, it’s not like he cares what Democrats in his district have to say about the issue. He made that perfectly clear during the August recess by meeting personally only with Teabaggers, not with his Democratic constituents (whom he pointedly ignored). So I flipped it over and read on the bottom of the address/postage space:

“Paid for by Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.”

Whoa. These corporate shills are actually BRAGGING about having bought our Congressman? That’s incredibly nervy!!!

This slick, costly bit of propaganda was produced by the very people whose lobbyists actually WROTE the Medicare-D legislation in the first place to ensure American seniors would pay more – and more directly – for necessary drugs than anybody else in the entire world! Heath is helping them screw Americans yet again in the health reform battle, and they want me – as an actual constituent of Shuler’s – to thank him personally on behalf of Big Pharma? Ha!

Big Pharma can kiss my shiny white ass, and so can Heath Shuler. Below is the letter I have written in response to this blatant insult from the Drug Pusher’s Union Propaganda Squad…

The Scam that is Big Pharma, Swine Flu, and You

Gee, it’s kind of funny how this has been somewhat under the radar as far as the U.S. corporate media goes:

Pfizer Agrees to Pay Largest Healthcare Fraud Penalty in History

Yup, you read that right.  Big Pharma, which is personified by the Bigger-Than-Big Pharma company known as Pfizer, is guilty as sin of defrauding Americans in regards to their health.   This isn’t just stealing money, this is fucking with people’s HEALTH.

US drugmaker Pfizer has agreed to pay $2.3bn (£1.4bn) in the largest healthcare fraud settlement in the history of the Department of Justice.

It comes after the firm was found to have illegally promoted four drugs for uses which had not been approved by medical regulators.

A subsidiary of the firm pleaded guilty to misbranding drugs “with the intent to defraud or mislead”.

US officials said Pfizer would have to enter a corporate integrity agreement.

That last bit just about made me spit my coffee across the screen.  A “corporate integrity agreement”?   WTF is THAT?   I know, it’s a training program that teaches you how not to get caught.  You buy the workbooks from Neil Bush’s company, you know it’s sort of a “No Corporation Left Behind” type of thing.  

These are the people Obama met with behind closed doors.   These are the people promising us “health care”.  

More importantly, these are the people who want to mass-vaccinate us this fall for this “swine flu” swindle.

Now check this out.   Are you sitting down?  

WHO Admits to Releasing Pandemic Virus into Population via ‘Mock-Up’ Vaccines

Yes, the World Health Organization is admitting to allowing European researchers to releasing “mock up” vaccines which contain viruses which people haven’t been exposed to people in a while, in order to “speed up” the regulatory process for the vaccines.

“Speed up the regulatory process” = “making money, lots of it, quicker”.

That’s It! Obama’s Sell-Outs and Give-Aways To Health Care Lobbyists Are the Last Straw

Im mad as Hell and getting madder and madder.  The sell out continues.  Don’t get me wrong. I like Obama.  I’m in love with his wife and daughters.  Despite all his likability, however, his actions to endorse and support corporate elites continue and make a joke of his promises of change.

The recent disclosures of deals made between the White House and Big-Pharma/Insurance are particularly disconcerting.  It is, for me at least, the Last Straw.  

After a week of denials that there had been any quid pro quo offered for Big-Pharma’s gift of $80 billion, a memo obtained by Huffington Post reports favors detrimental to the consumer.  Why wasn’t I holding me breath?

The memo… lists exactly what the White House gave up, and what it got in return.


…the White House agreed to oppose any congressional efforts to use the government’s leverage to bargain for lower drug prices or import drugs from Canada — and also agreed not to pursue Medicare rebates or shift some drugs from Medicare Part B to Medicare Part D, which would cost Big Pharma billions in reduced reimbursements.

In exchange, the Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers Association (PhRMA) agreed to cut $80 billion in projected costs to taxpayers and senior citizens over ten years. Or, as the memo says: “Commitment of up to $80 billion, but not more than $80 billion.”

Let’s slither below the fold for more lubricating slime…

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