Flop Gun

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The USS Enterprise is steaming for Iran on it’s last voyage.  Sacrifical lamb in another 911 false flag event?  The alt news is all abuzz about it.  I know we made it past the earlier prophecized dates but that does not stop “them”.  What has been in “the news” of late.  The Titanic.  No mention however about destroying the first amenedment with HR 347.  More on dysfunctional cultures in the flip side.


Just this morning the wife was looking for the unseasonable May in March weather as we both were disgusted by the “news flash” featuring the dangers of texting while walking.  Yes I want the sun, the CME that frys this shit…..

And to Verizon/Comcast/Google/the NSA or the TSA who wants to sell me something, brain dead dystopian reality included.

Argo….argo fuckyourself.

I feel better now, don’t you?

Greeks stop using money.  Good idea.


Ma is 83.  She was wondering about recent ads (lamestream of course) running in New England about a solar electric company.  I took some time to explain Enron and then the non-project Cape Wind plus the general absence of solar arrays atop suburban rooftops.  A scam is a scam is a scam to to speak.


The good news?

We have another horse.  A haflinger pony.  Very sweet but very underweight.


That does put us at the full compliment of four Apocalyptic horses.