Cause I Don’t Like It Here?

Look you have advertized my job twice already based upon snap decisions made by a manager every long term employee here considers a first class asshole.  This is in spite of my stellar career of 22 years in a directly related field.  Your documentation is ten years old including instructions sheets calling for lead solder.  The place is run much like junior high school, we can’t build stuff cause we don’t have parts cause you didn’t pay the bills.

It is institutionalized mediocrity.  I miss talking to intelligent people.

So I blew my first real interview for a job I have been doing for about six months cause I was honest with the HR thrity something twit?

I don’t like it here?

Nobody likes it here!

Former premier defense contractor.  Name forthcoming upon my termination and subsequent litigation process.

Your process equipment was “new” in 1969.  You tout “continuous improvement”, development of your employees but coming from a truely egalitarian organization this is a Stanford Prison Experiment greared towards a junior high school level audience.  Long time employees have walked off, you have five temp agencies on speed dial.  What is left of the engineering staff is a heartbeat away from retirement and does not give a crap and or have always been assholes anyway.

I will be dropping a dime with the EEOC, OSHA, the local code enforcement officer, the owner of the building, the five temp companies on speed dial….

anybody else?  Suggestions?