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Cause I Don’t Like It Here?

Look you have advertized my job twice already based upon snap decisions made by a manager every long term employee here considers a first class asshole.  This is in spite of my stellar career of 22 years in a directly related field.  Your documentation is ten years old including instructions sheets calling for lead solder.  The place is run much like junior high school, we can’t build stuff cause we don’t have parts cause you didn’t pay the bills.

It is institutionalized mediocrity.  I miss talking to intelligent people.

So I blew my first real interview for a job I have been doing for about six months cause I was honest with the HR thrity something twit?

I don’t like it here?

Nobody likes it here!

Former premier defense contractor.  Name forthcoming upon my termination and subsequent litigation process.

In the Crosshairs

Pam is/was a career CNA nursing assistant.  She was fired last week for speaking out about……

You know when I say this I sound hyperbolic.  If I bring stuff like this up I sound like one of those conspiracy loons which nobody is supposed to listen to but ya know in a declining empire of declining industries historizing multi-year employees in any field of human endeavor just makes excellent predatory capitalistic sense.

Pam is prohibited from the possession of her cell phone while on company property.

Pam is prohibited from the possession of any electronic reader devices while on company property.

Pam is not allowed to exit the building during breaks.  

Why is Pam not allowed to exit the building during breaks?

Well the assumption here is that Pam might be exiting the building to have a cigarette, which in this health care oriented industry is a totally verboten concept.  But why.  The cultural concept here has gone way far beyond some concern for the health of Pam but focuses more on the potential cost of potential medical insurance claims Pam might potentially claim in getting cancer on the health insurance plan she could not possibly afford with this asshole company so her husband carries it with his company.  I happen to work with Pam’s husband so I personally know about the calculated gradual degradation  of that health plan.

Her annual raise she did not get for the last two years went towards putting secret Sam surveillance cameras and thumbprint readers to get into the building.  After a  twelve hour night shift this latest piece of corpo-crap calls her five times during the day advising about “available shifts”.  It is a creepy barely understandable computer generated voice giving Pam her “Bingo Numbers” for, big whoop, ten dollars at Dunkin Donuts.  Welcome to the infinite compassion of the health care industry.

Peruse the corpo speak yourself.


Pam, by working for AssholeCorp has legally contractually consented to, according to management dweebs, searches of herself, her pocketbook, her car for lost shit dementia patients have accused her of stealing.

Pam is not allowed to smoke.  She is not allowed to deviate from the interests of the corporation, it’s vendors, clients, attending doctors, UPS delivery guys and or any other people and or policies corporate makes up at will and published on the corporate IT system Pam does not have access to.

One can after all hire pool CNA nursing assistants who don’t speak English, deliberately ignore call lights and up their own self worth by reporting strategically significant talking points to a galactially delusional management.

I can not un-friend un-recommend this formerly premier rehab/nursing home establishment in this supposedly utopian yuppie suburban north of Boston piece of shit place for targeting purposefully and deliberately long term employees to save those health care bucks.

It is after all far easier to exploit women in the workplace than it is to exploit men.  Plus you actually don’t want older people in your workplace as they have that potential tendency to not put up with the neuvo-corporate fascisms of today’s workplace environment.  Ah, you want the very name of this establishment?  Coming real soon.

Nov 10 Update Again

The day after Kristallnacht my boss tells me to essentially mind my own business when someone comes in to talk with either of my two co-workers.  More to the story but I am 56, come with extensive experience in the industry and I seldom forget to put on deoderant.  Co-workers however are still stuck in jr high school.

It has been a hostile workplace but outside of the boundaries of conventional PC.  Guess I am screwed again.  Yup, this is the military-industrial complex place stuck in yesterday’s technology, complete with lofty sounding mission statements and ethically correct business buzzwords.   The reality though, third world 1970’s equipment, a rule system written by Khafka/Pavlov or maybe BF Skinner himself.