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Mr I Have a Drone

is on TV tonight.  So here is the modern version of First They Came For.…

The next Pope will be Peter the Roman.  He will be the last Pope according to the unrecognized prophecies of the Pope.

The General(auto insurance) is touting it’s offer of “anonymous” online auto insurance quotes.  Ok, well I recently did that and guess what.  When you give them your name they came back already knowing ALL of the cars registered in my name.  So is it so far of a leap to ASSume my mac address is not my friend either?   Oh, and Raytheon’s RIOT software?  Why?  Why troll Facebook for info on the generationally mis-informed masses.  For strategic “terrorists”?  See first they came for above.

Extensive research on rocket stoves.  Burn wood cleaner.  Most of the third world uses them.  There are some commercial neat ones including a stove that will cook and charge a cell phone at the same time.

North Korea lights off a nuke.  China surpasses the US in goods production.  Cops nab five year old for wearing the wrong color sneakers and privacy concerns over something called Stingray, a device which emulates a normal cell phone tower while sucking everything from everybodies cell phone.   Did I mention I don’t own a cell phone?

What is MSM’s problem with Chris Doner.  I am NOT following this entire thing so the affair appears to be a real life incarnation of the Running Man game which of course is kind of like Facebook, political blogs and the whole loosing readers cause I never have anything Facebooklike good to say.

Great Blizzard

Deval Patrick, Obama’s Mini-Me has charged all of lamestream media with informing the total cell phone connectedness to get off the roads by 4 PM or face up to a year in jail.  Five year old handcuffed for wearing the wrong color shoes to school.

Free WiFi for all.  Be careful what you wish for.  Technically one IP address services 16 super surveillance cameras.  For further information on this Google Berlin Germany and  Those of us in the know suspect this is some sort of sting counter-intelligence false flag type operation.  They are looking for non-sheeples don’t ya know.

So, if I don’t get the prescribed 30 inches of snow I will have a cigarette much like the one you have after great sex, knowing that I am not, have not subscribed to the collectist communist crap which is the state of Massholechusetts/ the Obamanation andd the New World Order Illuminati I have a drone war mongers who have merged left and right political paradigms into the failing goat fuck which is Sandy Hook, 911 and beyond infinity.  Remember your safety is not their concern, your obeying authority, somewhat like 50 shades of grey is.  Till next time Seig Heil, stay warm and safe with family and friends.

Facebook Pinterest Tweet and Twitter

Can and do parse my comments and diaries for content which does now echo the feel good propaganda distrationary nature of feel good lamestream commmercial for profit/propaganda/what/how you “vill” think news.

Am I that disgusted by the current plight of the human sheeple condition?   Yes I am.  Do I see solutions?  Well yeah but the message gets lost in the din that is the world is gonna end like tomorrow.

Oh, look, it’s a cute kitty.

WTF can’t you people focus on this end of the world shit or not.

Psychic Reading Apocalyse Ranch

Welcome, come one and all to the first annual psychic reading at the Apocalypse Ranch. Will Obama declare martial law over raw milk vaccine deniers Sandy Hook Googleopians 911 truthers OWS past participants Oath Keepers from Arizona and or drone hackers anonymous and or Gordon Duff from Veterans Today.  What is real?  We have zero clue and we are going to have continued zero clue as THE news reads like a zombie survival game.  A Belgian MP said it so eloquently, what is fuck you in French/Belgian, no, I mean several times.  Zebignew Bresinski must be completely pissed.  They, them them, the Illuminati, well the entire world is saying fuck you to well the western world.  I kind to celebrate this but not. petitions

Blue ribbon loosers one and all.  Charolete Iserbytians degrading into programmable Nazified zombies.  Truely frightening societal division induced by for profit media propaganda over several generations.

What is the highest petition signature count?

Is it green AGW?  No.

Is it about guns? Nope.

Is it about impeaching Diane Feinstien? Nah.

Is it about alien disclosure and the release of free energy technology?  Nah.

Is it about legalizing pot?  Guess yet again.

Guns are US International

Excellent hypocracy here.  As the gun debate/social engineering project forges on here in the US an international arms bazarre takes place in Jordan.…

Yes You Do Discriminate

You may have noticed I seldom comment about racsim, sexual-isms and or many of the current PC-isms of today’s contemporary culture.  I think it’s the ultimate hypocrisy.  I do admit to being something else.  I don’t subscribe to nor am I any longer susceptable to Edward Bernay type social programming.


In the last week on mainstream media how many times have you heard about the flu.  Has it been three “news” stories in the half hour span of a typical “news” broadcast?  Is every aisle in CVS plastered with FLU Shot placards?  My wife personally has a coworker.  She had a bright teenage daughter.  She got a shot.  Two days later the school called saying she was disoriented.  She has not recovered.

Three stories in a row about the flu.


I am neither left nor right although by association, neuro linguistic programming “you vill” associate this post with the “nut jobs”.

Noveske Rifleworks.

Rest in Peace John Noveske.  John’s last farcebook post.


Can’t verify this but need to bookmark anyway.

Timelines mean alot.…

Catfood for the Mind

My conspiracy website world appears to be performing on par with the mainstream world of the Dancing with the Stars set.  The world did not “end” or rather did it but nobody was paying attention.  Even CT news has it’s biases that strain my credibility test.  It is far simpler to attempt survival atop a spirited horse in newfallen snow.

I didn’t like it here again

So I was laid off from my job at a major formerly premier defense contractor because I admitted to the HR dweebette I didn’t love my job.  Well I didn’t love my job because I knew most of their equipment,processing,management style,quality, IT procedures, OSHA, safety, code compliance, advancement opportunities, health care/benefit plan was total crap.

Well guess what.

Their CEO killed himself!  The “news” sort of reported it with the implication that it might have been one of those sexual auto-erotica strangulation events.  Excellent!  But what else sucks?

A Red Card

“What color card did you get today?”

“I got a yellow.”

“Get up to your room, no TV,no games.”

Facebookery and Social Bleedia

My second daughter tells me my wife’s email account was “hacked”.  Ya, OK but the wife has no need to email me so it would not explain her getting an email about her searching for one of MY ex-bosses?  Hey, I have not done nothing of late on politically incorrect bloggery which justifies such nonsense from my personal NSA staff, so what gives?  It is beyond automated bots and such. This stuff has a very real intelligence and hours of research behind it and demands my vigilance.

Allow me to inject a term social bleedia to all of my five readers.  Like all advances in technology it is great but it also sucks because the bonehead humans abuse it.

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