Ron Paul

Because Dennis Kucinich ain’t on the ballot and the rest of them are Bilderberg/dying America old school support false fallacy favorites.  Would you like left leaning fascism or right leaning fascism with your Bud Light and GMO fries.  Plus 911 and the war of error, the cancer lives on spreading, working it’s way into every human endeavor possible until we are bigger Nazis than the Nazis were.

Oh,progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies.

Now besides picking a doublewide to live in this year the uncertainty of a certain to be sucky year once again takes on multiple dimensions.

My daughter, a major partner in our dream of a horse business is expecting thus killing that dream at least for now.  I am now thinking about the emotional pain of selling the horses.  She put in so much work, me too.  He just started jumping and we got five more people who want horse lessons.

Cory Doctorow has fully illustrates my years ago thoughts on how the internet and the use of computers by us lowly peasants will become sucky mostly because sociopathic parasites wish to dominate and control what you are able to do with a computer because it is a marvelous device.  Their main answer is/will be to drown the sheeple in mainstream commercial crap.  Transforming the computer into an applicance which does not what you want, gives you no control over it and costs excessive amounts of electronic cash.  Think phone apps,that incomplete operating system in I-clod machines and the surveillance capacity of the wireless everwhere world.    The I-clods will connect to the I-cloud and they will charge you for your apps while watching commercials for shit you simply can’t afford anymore.…

The war on computing!  The war on drugs!

OK, the recruiter is in North Carolina for a job in New Hampshire and my daughter says I should use her NH address to apply for it.  I should network with my Facebook page but I don’t agree with the corporate fascism inherent in having a Facebook page.  Am I really being too conspiratorial here.  I mean I want to return to those days in which everyone was not shoved down the cattle social engineering cattle chute of surveillance and no privacy is good for you.  A world in which everybody isn’t/wasn’t ASSumed to be a terrorist/felon/scammer/theif/pedophile/drug user…….I know from RF theory the tin foil hat must be electrically grounded to be effective.  This does limit mobility but we also hate each other now to such an extent as to require drug screens, instabackground checks and multi-faceted government licenses as proof positive certifications of our nose picking expertise.  I did mention the cancer of 911.

Orgasm Inc a film about female sexual dysfunction and big pharma’s cure for it.…

On this night in which tomorrow I must return to the trivialities and dead sheepledom of the military industrial assholianisms of a once “great” defense contracting “temporary” job.  They “save” on benefit expenses that way.  I leave you with the ramblings of a fellow tin foil hatter who may turn out to be more true than not.  Multiple psychic forces are now pointing to March.  Wait a second what happened to the world ending in October of 2011 which was supposed to be the REAL date of 2012.  See, the alternative world can be just as screwed up as the mainstream sheeple world.