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Spiritual Bath

Anybody still home?  Lamestream talks about Obama singing something and there was this other big flap about Eye of Newt’s open marriage wife.  Yeah, well I’m not into kiddie porn either.

It’s snowing.  The pretty fluffy kind too.  It’s my daughter’s birthday, the one into horses so the girls are out shopping for tonight’s meal.  The cat is watching the birds on the back deck and I have these weird thoughts.

April 15:More than Tax Day

Invisible Empire comes out on April 15.  It’s about how the American experiment ends.  How both parties participate in the propaganda program.  How the future is a technocracy more evil than Red China.


More interesting is this New World Order protest guide from Federaljack.com


An ops manual no less.

Rumors of the VAT tax, national sales tax, the other Satanic idea.


Next up is Obama-census-cold-open


A definite two thumbs up.

Globalist douchebag Czar Cass Sunstein for Supreme Court?


Operation Reflation

Mission accomplished! Up, up and away in my beautiful balloon….the bubble economy has been reflated and it’s oh so glorious to be an American. Matt Taibbi’s Bubble Number Five – The Bailout Bubble as expressed in his brilliant The Great Bubble American Machine is now well on the way to reaching critical mass. Oh come all ye suckers, joyful and triumphant the casino is open again….time to drive up those depleted 401k’s, fine whatever credit cards haven’t been maxed out and spend….spend….spend….