The New Year

Allow me to dispense with that big non-event retail stores consider already over and get on to what I think is in store for next year.

Drop the Butter and Step Away from your Vehicle

Many things kick in Jan 1 one of them being a renewed promotion of smoke Nazi-ism.  Most likely my wife is going to loose her job over this.  Corporate gains by hiring two people who barely speak english and will hide rather than do rounds and answer lights.  Yup, she works in health care and they give her huge rations of shit about refusing vaccines which debilitated her last year for a full four months.  My wife has about 20 years of stellar performance in nursing/rehab care and has had to secure new employment twice due to business management bean counter assholianisms.  Her current situation has exponentially degraded into a sort of Stanford Prison Experiment situation which is most and truely bizzare.  It used to be THE premier facility in our area.

This is Rick Perry’s pet vaccine.…

Never mind about the most recent loss of civil rights not being able to sue the living shit out of for profit medical scams has been worked on for years.  Also arising out of the cancer that is Homeboy Stupidity, the 911 false flag and weapons of mass dumbing down.…

Guys in Sweden/Norway are smuggling in of all things butter.…

Drop the butter and step away from your vehicle.

German Village generates 321 percent renewable energy.  Yet a globalized team of Al Gore led Bernie Madoff carbon trading mandates permanently destroys any hope of real enviornmental change on top of it’s eugenics value in snuffing out poor people.  Ya it can be done save…no scratch that it can NOT be done as long as sociopaths remain in power.…

Watch for “smart” meters, in reality rolling blackouts as the envio-Nazis demand their profit margins so they can set up new sweatshops in carbon exempt third world places.

Pay by cell phone or other electronic means.   Now I can not express fully my fucking contempt for scumbag banking  financial institutions which have take up/endorsed/socially engineered the Charolette Iserbytian concept of deliberate dumbing down.  Watch.

TD Bank is not a banking institution.  They refer to their locations as “stores” which in corporate speak means they are marginally legally responsible for damages done to you by them.  They are after all only Stores selling you something.

I also had an very interesting conversation with Ma, now 83 about modern banking practices.  I was reading to her a notice about her bank’s privacy policies as I translated the bizspeak into common language.  

I got her laughing out loud

The jist of the info-propaganda-mercial was.

How does Corpo-bank protect “your” privacy and what can you do about it.

And I read off the “policies” about how the bank may share “your” personal financials.

Yada, yada, dates of transaction, item purchased, place purchased from.

Can you opt out?  NO.

Will we share this information with other financial institutions, yes, can you opt out, no.

I get another laugh.

Will we share this information with our competitor banks, no, can you opt out, yes.

I get another laugh.

So, I have brightened the day of an 83 year old.  A good thing.

That being said, I have zero fucking desire to pave a convienient path/surveillance network of my life, the money I no longer have, the last time I didn’t go to the doctor for a checkup linked directly to my wallet.

The minimum wage employees employees of Dunkin Donuts/Richdale do not somehow realize Sam is NOT Carol and accept the card anyways.  Plus all, I do mean ALL of my extended family is dropping Verizon whatever G coverage and opting for groceries instead.

Right now I have just burnt the numbers flat on mine and my wife’s brand new $10,000 dollar limit Chase Bank Visa cards.  I prefer BIC lighters for this as the other Chinese made ones just fall short.  I get emails from Orchard Bank so I have no friggin clue why Chase granted me such an outlandish limit.

In Homeboy Security fashion the insurance company is claiming my wife’s now totally damaged 2000 Jeep Cherokee has 172 thousand miles on it vs the real 72 thousand mileage.  Somehow the cancer of everybody is a terrorist/scammer/fraudulent asshole seeps into “our” freedom loving justice for those who can afford it system thus delaying payments to the rightous and or innocents……..