First No Tree Year

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I did not nor do I have plans for leading the kids families on our annual Christmas tree procurement outing.  One daughter is now a full hour away and the other, well they will be doing it on their own cause for the first year in countless ones we don’t plan on doing a Christmas tree at all.  Yet I am sad but not.  I am still “God” in the joyful eyes of four grandkids.  I miss the tradition but my family especially knows all about the “Illuminati plan to destroy America” so we are working towards re-establishing our lost suburban lives in a more remote and cheaper location.

Many people have lost value in their homes in recent years and I have seen the pictures of suburban Michigan turn into the abandoned ghost town.  I too have lost the value of what used to be a four family apartment building.  In short much like the militarization of American Police (why stop there) your local building inspector has now become your local Code Enforcement Officer.

What does this mean?

Well I bought the house cheap way back in the day.

As such I was able to rent out places well below the going rate and it helped pay the five mortgages I took out to maintain the place.  Think back to the engineered financial crisis of 1982 and 16.5% home mortgage rates.  

Anyway according to interpretations of these new building codes homeowners are to be specifically excluded from doing work on their own homes.

Watch the lamestream media promote “Hire It Done” vs the previous theme of fixing up by yourself “This Old House”.

The concept of in-law apartments to care for aging parents/kids that can’t make it in declining empires is to become “illegal”.

A dwelling of more than two (by new definitions) dwelling units is sort of OK but anything more than that if becomes (again by new definition) a “commercial” entity and as such needs special highly expensive things like foolproof sprinkler fire suppression systems, alarm systems and other things which protect the commercial profit margins of corporate entities which have spawned other corporate entities to protect lowly peasant consumers from getting ripped off royally after sheeply paying into totally corrupt systems for 30 or so years.  Google public adjusters.…

Because corporate sucks.

Large corporate entities however can build ungreen cluster housing units on formerly swampland they filled in mostly because the occupants of said housing units will have little entertainment options save the electronic din of commerical lamestream propaganda media.


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  1. Bob, my sister-in-laws son sold Christmas trees this year so in the true spirit save one for me and one for my near destitute daughter’s family.

    Oh, and once you install your mandatory alarm system the town I was brought up in has mandated a registration of your alarm system to monitor false alarms.  Yes there is a fee.

  2. …a wonderful Christmas on your own terms, with your own realizations, LHM.

  3. Until I had my home appraised.  I owe 59% of what I paid for it and the appraisal came in at 63%.  Refinancing would have used up most of the 4% difference so I saw no point.

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