Towards Awake and Aware in 2012

For me year end is akin to the sappyness of 911 day.  Fortunately alternate news picks up the slack/gigantic sink hole of info-corpo-tainment social engineered “news”, ie lamestream media leaves behind.  When looked at properly lamestream is one huge horsemanure pile.

I smiled at the line “Frosty Bin Laden was a popsicle they say”.  For a guy that died of kidney failure in 2001 I had to endure the sappy celebrations of coworkers from inside of all things a military-industrial complex former giant.

“We” got bin laden.…

Excellent year ends are coming from places like corbettreport, naturalnews, the project censored people and wearechange.……


Also slave made in China twisty flourescent lamps improperly processed become mandatory this year.  They won’t work outside in cold climates and they easily dim even if you do the “green” thing and turn your thermostat down.  A Faux lighting solution.  Expect for emerging Nazisms next year.  Smoke Nazisms plus the american lung association promotion of Agenda 21/Bernie Madoff climate scam about industrial pollution from out of state.  We have such industries still?

Trash/recycling Nazis.  Vaccine Nazis.  Building code agenda 21 Nazis.  Codex alimentarius, big pharma GMO Nazis.  Why am I using that term Nazis?

Last up.  The wife and I watched the recent DVD release Apollo 18 and we both found it to be offensively mainstream in it’s sheeple features.

Do I see anything good coming out of next year?

Only the sincere wish that the more Satanic they get the more Awake and Aware the world becomes.