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The New Year

Allow me to dispense with that big non-event retail stores consider already over and get on to what I think is in store for next year.

Drop the Butter and Step Away from your Vehicle

Happy Elvis bin Laden Day!

Yeehaww  Happy Friday!

Incident at 3:15, major speech at 4:15.  Oh, yeah, sure I “buy” that it’s not a “roll out” of something coming out of some marketing think tank days before and erection/election.

In other good news I got a job.  To make that even better the company actually does some defense work.  Now add to that the story I want to scope out about the gross Orwellianisms of working for a temp agency, the exploitive infrastructure being built, no institutionalized into the Gattica non-future of unemployment in the soon to be fully de-industrialized former United States.

Stay Tuned.