Two Thanksgivings plus Cookout

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The main problem in having a cookout on an unseasonably warm November day is darkness.  Not natural light makes it hard to tell if the steaks are done.   The horses had a workout although the warm weather made them lazy.  The kids got ATV rides in the dark, which only added to their excitement and we retired to the campfire after two Thanksgivings.

So what is YAPMF and more.

We did two Thanksgiving dinners this year.  One was for the benefit of Ma.  Ma at 83 was to spend the traditional day with her boyfriend.  No, these two families might never mix, nor should I think.  The actual real traditional day?  Some of the kids had to spend it with dysfunctional inlaws.

“All they did was yell at RJ”, my daughter said.  This is the child who adores me for our times in the woods, in the kayak or building “the new road”.

So IMHO why are the inlaws dysfunctional?  Well, they are “normal”.

To illustrate the point may I present the Zombie children from Dead Weight City


So many lost in the throes of Black Friday.  OOOHHH did you see the news about Pakhistan kicking “us” out of “our” bases?  Kind of makes we wonder just how much of Benjamin Fulford’s ramblings about the larger global financial war might carry some weight.  We might say the fascism of Hilter didn’t endure (debatable subject here) and thus the American led corpo-fascism won’t either.  Occupy World Street I say.

Occupy World Street.  Wow, almost as good as lamestream media.  To that end I saw another FCM, for fawning corporate media, ah, these people are being far too nice  Fuckwadianisms Corporate Media.  Newt Fucking Gingrich?…

And to think Rick Perry was the Bilderberg insider post turtle of 2012 to counter war monger Obama’s “left” stance, traditional obsolete Overton window crap aside.  The think tanks need new writers, new thinkers.

On to YAPMF.  Are you ready?  Do you really want to be some psychic benevolent force for change in the universe, or maybe even just this planet?   Actually I would like to be left alone, do my own thing but it’s not feasible in this declining empire of sociopaths reaching out and touching everyone.

Yet Another Planetary Mind Fuck.  Yes take your pick.  Global war starting in Iran, global bankers gone wild or the 101st Airborne Rangers doing a police state raid on occupy protesters right here in “The Homeland”.

Stock tip:Palantir, an up and coming data mining for social engineering and thus control company.

Another product of big pharma comes into controversy.…

The kingdom of God lies within.

Split a piece of wood and I am there.

Me?  I will be me, in this realm and the next.  I can build you a warming fire, I have engineered high tech crap so I can fix things such that the sociopaths enslave you less than they intended to and if you have a horse we might canter down the “illegal” secret foliage trails of suburbian Massholeachusetts.

Your house/apartment/condo is a box in which you “live”.

Your car is a box on wheels in which you drive to your job

(if you still have one).

If you live in a condo/apartment you may be subject to rules by which might limit your entertainment options to those fuckwadianisms of fuckwadianistic corporate media.   What brought this tyrade on?   Well the Corporate Broadcast Network is featuring Angelian Jolie and they have even brought up the fact she is a Council on Fucked up Relations member.


Die western civilization Die an let us get on to the golden age of humanity.

The lies are falling apart as they should.  Oh and the kids wanted to help Grampy clean the pellet stove well before Grampy instructed them how not to get black soot all over themselves.


  1. her boyfriend after he discovered I might have something to say about her buying him a 40 thousand dollar car.  

    A nurse or a purse I told Ma and then we got into a conversation about the engineered decline of America, my criteria for the acceptance of people as friends and then the value of trusting only those people true of heart.

    The alzheimers is kicking in though.

    Our youngest blond haired one is just starting to talk, he already understands everything.  RJ was trying to ride a tricycle in the woods emulating the ATV rides of his Grampy.  I picked him and the bike up three times.  After rides on two of the ATVs he helps Bampy by pulling the lever of the woodsplitter.  None of them want to go home.  Mew’s house, Mew’s house they say.  

    What do I want for Christmas?

    A midichlorian quantum spiritual awakening of planetary proportions and or a winning mega lottery ticket to save this meager family.  If I didn’t have to work for the anti-christ MIC empire I would have the resources to be a greater pain in their ass.  

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