Verizon Fios

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I Lasthorseman and my wife state that.

The new Verizon Fios menu/channel selection system screen sucks because.

The fonts plus color scheme is hard on aged eyes.  All you get is a sparse description of how crappy said entertainment venue actually is.  Many of the offerings are repeats of the same thing/channel only in high definition which I could give two shits about.  I don’t really care about sports, or rather stopped caring about sports during this extinction of our family’s and extended family’s former status of lower middle class hardworking Americans.

I know this is north of Boston yuppieville wannabes who think they might be OK in declining empires but.   I need RFD to emulate the ultimate horsemen which you don’t have.  Also in order to break myself and other fellow sheeple away from the dead crappy, useless, destructive control/propaganda dissemination venues inherent in for profit commercial lamestream media some focus on real international real news might be perhaps a service/duty/altruistic means of say preserving the continuity of the human species itself by avoiding another banker sanctioned world war?

No, I don’t think I am being all fucked up and cynical here amidst the Iran/Syria/(insert other country here) war hype again from “our” Mr Peace Prize puppet pResident and or commercial media’s offerings of other Sith Lord governmental figureheads.  

Back to the lame suckyness of commerical infotainment offerings.  Hey Verizon retards.  I would like far more paranormal/spiritual/natural health stuff.  The Jessie Ventura network.  The ability to access real foreign stations cause I am loosing/have lost most of my German proficiency and or how about local news from say Montana so I might educate myself about issues they face and how it relates to me thus enabling me to be a better contributing citizen in the global war on terror at my lowly position in what used to be a premier world war two big name defense contractor but has been totally destroyed by the bean counters of western capitalism?

In a drive to search for survialist properties our extended family might potentially survive in I educated my wife about vehicle license plates that indicate the vehicle is registered to enemies of the human race,members of congress.  The desire for rural flight is also complicated by financial parasites speculating on the price of gas

on top of the most recent travel restrictions about speeding being enforced by laser tracking aircraft funded by Homeboy Security grants  I have not witnessed personally any such road stops enabled by pilotless drone laser radar enhanced bio-metric iris scanning smart meter electricity rationing,local building code enforcement officer nor have I illegally recorded the actions/statements of any of said above mentioned governmentally sanctioned enforcement officers with any digital device slave made in China with 4G capacity.

So my question to myself thus becomes how did a minor rant about nothing turn into a rant about everything.


  1. always under the registers and not by the door when I go shopping?

    Do they know I’m coming, or is it all part of the conspiracy to deprive us of even the most menial, low paying jobs?

    And why didn’t anyone tell me about it!  I’m a member of the Illuminati!  I even know the secret handshakes!

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