Spiritual Bath

(2 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

Anybody still home?  Lamestream talks about Obama singing something and there was this other big flap about Eye of Newt’s open marriage wife.  Yeah, well I’m not into kiddie porn either.

It’s snowing.  The pretty fluffy kind too.  It’s my daughter’s birthday, the one into horses so the girls are out shopping for tonight’s meal.  The cat is watching the birds on the back deck and I have these weird thoughts.

A full American institution, the democratic party, has failed to launch/generate/start any primary challengers to Obama in contrast to lamestream commercial for profit, the globalist 1% elite scumbag sociopathic media circus about pre-pubescent retarded socially engineered Nazi society of the Vrill Black Sun division of Jaba the Hut’s Sith Lord Empire.

Jesus H Christ, did I just loose my entire two person audience here?  I think I even lost myself in that one.

My community is freaking out over lost websites having data archived data since 1947 about the secret space program and the history of secret intergalactic treaties gone bad but I go back to those Slavery and the Eight Veil levels, those masses of people you just can’t wake up.  Not in their lifetime.

But really.  Think about it.  Zero Dems, none, nada.  Nothing and no one the artificially counter the prescribed engineered deconstruction of America by the globalist Davos Jet setting Bilderberger Illuminati grand ultimate supreme leader.  No Dennis Kucinich.  No Cynthia Mckinney just the 1%ers casually presenting the neo-cons neo-con Obama, like nothing every happened over the past four years.  That does make it an electronic voting machine erection.

But the grandkids will be over tonight.  We have enoght snow to spin out sideways on our favorite woodland trails.  We will look for deer tracks in the new snow and Grampy will bask in the innocence of young eyes.  Yes, that is my spiritual bath.


  1. nope, you haven’t lost me.

    I don’t subscribe to all you say, but you haven’t “lost me.”

    USS mother fucking Liberty, for sures, Israel did it.  Minutes from Nagasaki’d Cairo.  But WE did it, not israel.   My opinion.   Just compare GDPSs.

    All worthy talking points, but compare GDPs.

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