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Mother vs Grandaughter

Ma, at 82 has fallen down and broken her elbow, medical institution policy imminent and contrasted with the four thousand dollar childbirth bills of my daughter.

That Makes Three

WBZ channel 4 Boston

Rick Perry

Rick Perry

Rick Perry

“Post 911 world”

“Post 911 world”

“Post 911 world”…

Why indeed do lamestream media outlets run “commercials” for their own “news” programming?

In “The News”…

A group of photographers in the UK sets out to test their right to photograph in public places.  They get harrassed of course by the little Hilter deputy dogs of corporate assholianism.  Not much about exactly what the UK riots are all about or the extent of Al-CIA-duh’s involvement.

House Not Selling?

It might have sold had you marketed it as a potential equine property.  It is after all only a short trot away from the best trail systems north of Boston but hey, some yuppie told you how to market it.  So be it.  Loose it to the bank, bitch.

Oh look, I found a test.…

Grampy Connection

All three of the grandkids hop on my fuel injected 750 ATV.  It has become a weekend ritual at Grampy’s new place.  Ride Grampy, ride.  RJ waits until I get home.  My wife offers him a ride but he wants Grampy. The amazing one for this story is my third grandchild.  Blonde haired and blue eyes he never stops.  Not even two yet.  Kids are closer to God I say.


It’s Monday again.

What did I do on vacation?  I buried my Dad.  Do I want to be more completely owned by this collection of corporate idiots whose only high tech specialty is fucking over the younger working generation?  Promise, when I get laid off from them I will name it.  Especially now that unemployment extensions are a thing of the past in this “recovered” economy.

Goodbye Dad

Now you get a surprize.  You lost a daughter, I lost a sister and you lost the faith.  How could there be a God,an afterlife or any benevolent grand design in taking a bright and beautiful soul in the very beginnings of adult life.  Well I have some news. And thank you for giving me so much.

I love kids, like you.  I am practical, like you.  I am emotionally stable and can see things, like you.  Now that you are free of the disease and can see the world for what it has become…..I don’t have many words on that.  Do you think I may have pissed off certain evil entities?  I did what I could.  


It was a painful hour, enduring Tokyo Rose from HR expound upon the corporate complicance memes of Sarbanes-Oxley.  This particular piece of shit global company however does not call it Sarbanes-Oxley complaince training but “business ethics” instead.  Fuck you, piece of shit parasites, fuck you and your fucking Fourth of July too.  Fucking three year “temporary” employees just so you save on benefits costs.

Nine Months?

Do I have to be called a hate monger because I hate the gullibility of the sheeple populace of the country I was brought up in?  “They” captured Saddam Hussein nine months before the media “roll out”?  Yes this I do believe/ find far more credible that the original government fairy tale/s and even if you yourself can not extend your belief system far enough to accept any of it, well it’s still far better than anything on any of 900 channels of commerical lamestream.

Keith Hunter on project…

A Father’s Day Over

I did not get a new grill.  

I did not get a new tie.  

Just instead more reasons to cry.  

Does sound like Dr Seuss,does it not.

Mike’s take on the Titanic…

Another just in from rense. A last minute addition to my last rambling rant for this week.…

Dispatch from Ranch Apocalyse

Bilderberg concludes as suburban America dies.

Bilderberg St Moritz

Extremely evil men and women who make up the world’s power-elite have cleverly cultivated a virtual pasture so grass green that few people seldom, if ever, bother to look up from where they are grazing long enough to notice the brightly colored tags stapled to their ears.

Just started so no coverage yet other than a newly erected “security barrier” which consists of a white plastic sheathing designed to block the view of increasing spectator/protesters.

Happy Anniversary to us.  Just noticed the date of that and the annual Bilderberg fest coincide.

AO Hell Huff Post merger crashes and burns like MySpace.  Good!  No let up in the “recession”, actually a depression, more control efforts to limit your ability to move yourself or your money and wider destabilization of the entire Middle East.  Forget Palin, watch Texas governor Rick Perry.  More news as the meeting unfolds.

Other stuff up today.

Is your job on careerbuilder and craigslist?  Mine is.  Yes, the job I work at now, or rather for a “temp” company has advertized on craigslist for, my job.  At a lower rate of course.  Now you might ask if I suck at my job at the paint drying factory or perhaps I don’t get along well with people.  Ok, the work is “different” from the 22 years of experience I have at doing what I did but I also refuse to drool upon myself by enthusiastically discussing American Idol with coworkers.  Military contract work is really all about training grunts to do specific paint watching tasks the same way each and every time.  No thinking, no improvising and certainly no improvements on the prescribed mil spec methods signed sealed and delivered by the proper authority, his high certificated self.

Totally unsure about this summer’s backwoods spiritual retreats in July and August which counter my family and myself for yet another year of unfolding evil crap from Bohemian Grove.  We will surely miss the detox of breathing pure air, the Lost Lake of Narnia, the evening fires and laser pointing “my” NSA surveillance drones.

“Conspiracy” stuff aside though how has your life exponentially sucked in the past few years.  Do you favor air travel less these days.  Do you find lamestream news offensive yet?  Working beneath your potential?  Not as healthy as you used to be?  Sick of the wars, financial crap, verizon phone tree Hell or the decreasing relevance of 911 truth.



Almost as good as the conclusion of Bilderberg comes the admission that al-CIA-duh and the wars of error is a government contrivance.…

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