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The Energy of Love

Uncle Bill has made known the future of my current domicile once/if I leave.  It is a tug on my heartstrings as much of my families prosperity plus that vast treasure trove of outdoor Maine wilderness camping memories on top of this most skilled craftsman building most of my house which “the Illuminati” has now declared “illegal”.

I wish not to destroy this man’s memories/heart by leaving.

Nov 10 Update Again

The day after Kristallnacht my boss tells me to essentially mind my own business when someone comes in to talk with either of my two co-workers.  More to the story but I am 56, come with extensive experience in the industry and I seldom forget to put on deoderant.  Co-workers however are still stuck in jr high school.

It has been a hostile workplace but outside of the boundaries of conventional PC.  Guess I am screwed again.  Yup, this is the military-industrial complex place stuck in yesterday’s technology, complete with lofty sounding mission statements and ethically correct business buzzwords.   The reality though, third world 1970’s equipment, a rule system written by Khafka/Pavlov or maybe BF Skinner himself.

A Skull Above Any Other

New video series from Charolette Iserbyte about the edu-indoctrination system in America and how it came to be.…

Charles Reese, 49 year veteran reporter from the Orlando Sentinel retires leaving this gem.…

While Cuban cigars are on the US verboten list it would appear that products from “communist” Vietnam are not.  From my as yet unamed military-industrial giant I discovered we had a new vendor of “finger cots” labeled “Product of Vietnam”.  For those not in the biz finger cots are used to prevent the contamination of sensitive parts from dirty human fingers.  They are literally finger condoms made of latex and two out of eight have holes in them.

Real Estate discovery

“Your” local building code will come to be based upon or rather may always have been based upon the International Building Code.  In short I and thousands of other poor saps who happen to be “slumlords” by owning a dwelling with more than two families are screwed.  If your house is a older multi-family just kiss it goodbye.  It will not sustain you in retirement.  It is instead a forever non-profitable endeavor according to these new 8th edition Satanic Building Codes.  But why you might ask.  Of course everyone wants to be “safe”.  Of course we should have smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors but is it just safety or something else.  What is that something else?

Insurance Company Actuarial Tables!  You can’t be allowed to live in something a vast staff of compliance safety people has deemed “unsafe” or rather a dwelling space which might cause injury, death and god forbid an insurance company payout.  Yes, OK, I had a teeny, tiny fire and even after paying for home insurance at grossly overinflated values for 31 years I had to go through a Public Adjusted to not get screwed on a 23 thousand dollar loss.

What else is in the Satanic Building Code 8th edition?


Yes, caring for Mom and Dad in their golden years yourself?  Nah, kiss that goodbye.  There are far more costly institutions for that.  Go ahead, inquire about adding an “inlaw” apartment at “your” “local” building/code enforcement officers office.

OK, so you spent all that money on an approved, up to code hardwired life saving/insurance profits saving alarm system?  Now go down to your local police/fire station and pay the ten dollar alarm registration fee so they can monitor  your false alarm status and fine you for more than three false alarms per year.

The Breakage of Mandatory Twisty Light Bulbs!



Duct tape may be used to collect the 5 milligrams of mercury in these lamps.

Calling anybody means an expensive hazmat bill.  Stock up on energy wasting lamps now.

Last up I have a most annoying common America phrase.  I find it the pinnacle of perversion in this most Pavlovian of putrid societies.

“Have a Good One”

Have a fucking what?  How?  When?

The good job which I loved, was good at, was decently paid for, had medical insurance with, vacation time with plus egalitarian scientific potential with resides now in fucking “communist” “Red” Beijing super pollution Olympics fame China.

Oh, and according to BP sponsored ads (on lamestream) the Gulf States are clean and open for business.  Project Censored’s 2012 top 25 list is out not that the Kim Kardashian set much notices or cares.  Hey, even the CDC officially warned of “zombie” attacks.

Our blue eyed gelding is mellowing with age.  He tags my jacket for a treat.  My daughter and I have changed the life of a troubled child by providing horse lessons.  A connection with nature in a society which has lost it.

Snow before Halloween

I did not do our annual family tradition of extravagant decorations for the town’s pumpkin festival.  I was not there.  I was not having fun but instead vying for survival in my now lost status of normal middle class American.  It hurt alot.

Part of it I can attibute to the Satanic Building Code 8th Edition which btw is based upon the “International”  Building code which is not actually very “International” but rather a more Korporate scheme of centralized power.

Those “illegalities” of inlaw apartments, multi-family dwellings without extensive expensive “code updates” in order to “comply” with insurance company payout saving options/mandates.

Down and desperate these days with real new themes emerging on the Fifth Veil front.

Who bought the Rossi’s new power source?

If I wanted a flu shot I might get one IF I was medically insured/included in the medical surveillance network.   Company uses “temp” help instead.…

Here is to world peace, believe it or not I guess.…

Dumbed down media.  Speaking of dumbed down/propaganda network/subliminal suggestion cultural control Matrix style media Project Censored’s 2012 is out.

Check out number nine.…

Here is one.

Veterans with AR15s defend occupy Phoenix?

OOOHHH look CBS is featuring and interview with Mrs Madoff.…

“This youtube removed by request of Korporate Media”.

Guess we will never know!

Lamestream candidate Herman Cain heckled by Ron Paul supporters.…

It is after all Overton’s window at work in the manufactured cultural world.  God forbid we should learn from the past or……

Oh, look, who is on Dancing with the Stars.…

Anyway in my corner of suburban New England mini-McMansions only four inches of snow and power back on by 10 this morning.  I did have to remove a large tree branch resting on the powerlines near the roof but hey, we had no power.  Definitely not ready.  No batteries, flashlights and few candles.  Preparedness costs money and there are no work orders, zip, nada, nothing. No work order means no job but why might this be good news?  I work for, in, an MIC defense contractor.  Not much out there for “career change” 56 year olds and the vacuum of people development potential in a dominantly reptillian (military oriented) (David Icke, reptillian) culture amazes me.

Hey, the world didn’t end two days ago like it was supposed to. (The Mayan Oct 28,2011 is the real date crowd) nor did Israel and or “US” bomb Iran nor have I been called upon to mount the Apocalyptic Horses.  I have no idea why not but till the Zen out, manifest those perfect days stored from your memories of the past.  Project those to the future, keep your distance from the sociopaths and the world they want you to help them make.

It is of course a far longer story than I can elaborate in this venue.  Some surreal accelleration of time, Mayan end of the world theory wise.

Apocalypse Ranch

Yes, I have been “away”, involved in complex negotiations and plans to actually buy a working horse farm.  The entire family was willing and eager to relocate to help out.  It would have, should have, could have eventually taken care of the entire family.  Something our own, pure and simple hard work but Noooo.  Once again people just suck and despite the touted OWS “sucess” I’d rather get the Big One, you know that fire and brimstone Biblical/Mayan/Hopi Indian/ Nostadamus END OF THE WORLD and start all over than endure much more of the horsemanure that America has become.

Deerfield Fair

Each year our family heads North to a real country fair in Deerfield NH.  Yes, Topsfield Fair is closer but has become dominated by that un-countryness typical of suburban…what is word here….Massholianism.  Right off the bat Topsfield means pay to park, pay to get into and once in this once agriculturally oriented fair is now mostly food and midway.

Deerfield by contrast is alive with horse shows, oxen, tractor dealers plus that long ago memory of my daughter coming home with a Yorkshire pig.  A family story passed down is the day I heard the announcer utter my daughter’s name for the pig scramble.  Oh crap, I thought, now we have to take a pig home.

We drooled over the new John Deere Gator model.  It became the family meeting spot.  The kids argued with the ATV dealer about the new dune buggy type vehicles not being to our woodland ready specifications.  Very fast yes but would get stuck instantly in the swamp.  

We ended up all buying cowboy hats from a very friendly vendor.  Our troop of pre-schoolers was a hit.  A not even two year old Tyler wanted to walk into the horse ring.  Hey, you are not at home.  Good thing he knows what you are saying.  A new type of solar hot water heating system, then a new pellet stove maker adding some neat new ideas yet somewhat deficient in the pellet hopper size category.

The most uneasy feeling for me at least comes from walking down “Veteran alley”, a collection of money seeking war veterans selling “patriotic” stuff.  My wife is even uneasy and says “Not your people”.

I reply with the simple comment “mainstream”, and then she knows I won’t bother to make a scene with the family in tow.  It felt much like our East Berlin while we watched real Russian soldiers dust snow from their monument accompanied by our favorite active duty Army sargent.

On reflections on this Sunday?  I do think people are waking up.  Finally and desperately.  Can such things alter our world.  Do we, all of us.

Does the Kingdom of “God” lie within and or especially if you don’t believe in the crap of organized religion,can we manifest our own destiny by breaking away from the sociopathic assholes who always rise to the top of our rotting western capitalist nightmare.

The horses themselves sense my unease.  The inactivity that is the remote and distant plan for family survival and salvation or not.  I just don’t know.

Want to Throw UP?

Need a job?

Want an “exciting” career?

I have to occupy space here simply because I lack the financial resources to expatriate, like Brian OLeary and Mike Adams, plus I happen to love that selected few family and friend network who also can’t even think of it.

So I present why this dying empire sucks in a job posting.…

Premier occupation indeed.  Stand at attention and click your heels together like the Germans did.  Then in a mocking manner and similar to a military salute cover your upper lip (Hitler’s moustache) and then fling it off into the relatively short historical time period in human history which was one of the most evil points in human endeavor.  When compared to the entire human history may this also soon passs.………

Johnathan Amord

In my usual cryptic incoherent style I have presented yet another article about which nobody has a clue nor even cares.  Why.  Well the vast majority thinks not as I do in the live and let live category.  That freedom of choice thing once a US Constitutional certainty now gives way to “Oh my God, you didn’t get your seasonal flu shot?”  “What is wrong with you.”

A modern day Saint.…

Tyranny for certain.…

Johnathan does an excellent job fighting against/researching and illustrating fraudulent big pharma practices and how government “regulatory” agencies, or rather Big pharma’s bitch is made to enforce the profit margins of these multi-nationals who are and have already exported most of this industry outside of the continental US.  Well, OK I have extrapolated that last comment myself but I can reference that long lost industry electronics.

Simple Googles for this.

Foxconn+suicide nets

big pharma litigation

and of course codex alimentarius

Are Purelle dispensers less used today that in the height of the mandatory swine flue shot era?  Are there stats on this?  Do people still pay attention to those workplace posters admonishing “Clean hands SAVE LIVES” or have these things somehow been relegated to that bullshit which corporate promotes and turns into a sour deal, sort of like that dire need of purchasing burial insurance for your three year old.  That prospect of never again having neither conventional nor alternative medical security in this post 911 security obscessed world.

On a more personal note.  Can I buy the horse farm.  Should I buy the horse farm and is the rest of my family willing and able to lend a hand in doing so.  Even my very psychic self and the spirit guides are silent.  Not a good sign.  It is a leap of faith to prosperity or bankruptcy for all involved.

Thank God 911 is Over

It is much like the last rock concert I attended but did not enjoy.  I did abandon the loud music of my misspent youth.  I was too young for Woodstock but old enough to avoid the draft of Vietnam.   My rejection of the bullshit, the lies, the people and personalities I once thought as great is also complete.  Now they are empty spirtless vessels, pod people perhaps immersed to varied degrees in the lies they have accepted as truth.  It is a mixed bag ranging from genuine good people to people who think they have good intentions all the way down to that 5% of the human population who are genuine sociopathic douchebags.  Of this I speak from personal and up close experience.

Are you qualified

Are you qualified to discuss 911 with a “truther”, damn I hate that word about as much as Homeboy Security.…

Even the former father of reagunomics is how sounding more like Alex Jones every day.…

As always catches Thomas Kean.…

Human rights group sues Cisco for enabling the Chinese government to track down dissidents.

As lamestream once again rolls out it’s coverage of the official (Charolette Iserbytian) version of the events ten years ago, well I don’t know.  The same “news” outlet in my area wants me to be their Facebook fan. Want to be a real fan?  35 years now

Deep politics…


And last up is my truth link about those tin foil hats.…

Pizza Boy

Pizza Boy started with me one year ago at what I now call the dream death factory, that place I formerly blogged about here as the paint drying factory.

It is a story about the military industrial complex, the minions of Satan in the business world and the falsehoods of the political world regarding the manufactured concept of the diverse workplace.

Pizza Boy is a nice enough kid.  He and I crossed paths last October when we started working at one of THE former Premier top defense contracting firms just north of Boston Mass.  I landed there after 20 years of directly related experience mostly because unemployment was running out after a forced early retirement.  The problem with John (Pizza Boy).  Well, I think his generation, the current twenty somethings may have been subjected to one to many immunizations at one time,an educational system gone bad, too much TV and or exposure to way too many chemical substances added to the MSDS list since the 1950s.  John can not in bizspeak “multi-task” but John came from and was hired under a temp agency at a lower hourly rate than I was.  It was one of the former supervisor’s mistakes.

Now this Premier defense company has according to my current knowledge at least three temp agencies on speed dial.  Hiring temps saves on the cost of benefits don’t you know.  Ok, so when I learned the John made the grade to permanent full time employee over me I ceased covering his ass using my extensive skill set accumulated of the span to twenty years in diverse high tech manufacturing.  So to cover his lower hourly rate Barbara works overtime to make up for parts shortages because the accountant assholes failed to pay the vendor for required parts.  Yeah, I had to go out, meditate three weeks ago at a required corporate ethics meeting.

So no corporate Assholian America does not want older people like me.  They do not want experience, knowledge, egalitarian excellence and especially that lifetime acquired set of values which is now trashed.  I have personally witnessed management escorting an 80 year old out the door only to later hire three people to take her place.

I feel sorry for my co-workers who when this company does export their jobs to the far east will be left with nothing as most are twenty year veterans with skills set equivalent to building old fashioned glass radio tubes.  Yes, the technology of this premier defense contractor is that old, 1950, well perhaps some of it has been updated to the 1970s.

Twice now in the very same month parts did not show up because they did not pay the vendor and management runs around in meetings discussing the meaningless prospects of statistical spreadsheets based upon 20 lots samples generated by multi-thousand dollar software programs.  It is literally beyond the insane asylum when the pride and joy of ISO 9000 certification needs to assemble the parts with the jigs upside down because the parts are just enough out of spec to not work like they are supposed to.  What, invert the jig instead of ordering new in spec parts, time is money you know.

Oh, and who by the way who knew enough to hit the safety switch preventing your half million dollar machine from becoming a 27 foot cannon.  Something the site supervisor thanked me for yet now sought fit to reward incompetence with full time benefits.

During the past year I have generated ideas about increased productivity, product improvements.  I have NOT communicated these things toward management.  Do I want to support a system based upon evil things? Would they reinvest in the business?  No, they can just barely keep toilet paper in the restrooms.

Company ethics?  Some time ago UBS published it’s now infamous “dress code”.  It was a manifesto preaching “corporate excellence” or rather corporate fascism.   That balance of yes, sure “we” are such a benevolent ethical company with full benefits but you have multiple temp companies on speed dial.  Places who can only recruit the down and destitute who will accept lower wages.

In short I went from making things at 5000 per hour down to lots of 50 a week.  I have 20 years of diverse experience yet corporate has seen fit to make permanent Pizza Boy over me.   Hmmm, did they Google my name and see my signature on the A&E for 911 truth page.

Gotta go feed the horses.

The Hype of September…

I actually question the relevance of 911 truth now.  So many things American are so dead now.  “We” can’t heal as a nation due to this singular excuse for the cancer which followed it.  Do corporations who operate in 169 countries want us to be “a nation”.

I have a list of temps my formerly “great” defense contracting company “uses” to avoid paying benefits to.  There is some obscure secret formula which decides who among the “temps” makes it to actual real employment/ownership by this company who has had a hand in major government projects.  I can state positively that I have never worked at a place which is profanes in all areas of humanity the very spirit America was founded upon.

I see Deadeye Dick is in the lamestream news now.  The walking undead.  My time is better spent feeding the raccoons marshmellows on the back deck.  The cat is curious and wants to open the screen door so I have to get up and shut the glass slider.

It was a perfect weather post hurricane day.  Summer wanes and I should be looking forward to apple picking, fall foliage horse rides and haunted Halloween hayrides.  An ad on a top alt news site features claims of advanced age enhancing new enzymes allowing 100 years of active life.  No thanks I say to myself.  Huge feelings of empty blackness and I don’t even know why.  Hope it’s nothing big in relation to my spirit world.

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