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WhiteHouse.gov/ petitions

Blue ribbon loosers one and all.  Charolete Iserbytians degrading into programmable Nazified zombies.  Truely frightening societal division induced by for profit media propaganda over several generations.

What is the highest petition signature count?

Is it green AGW?  No.

Is it about guns? Nope.

Is it about impeaching Diane Feinstien? Nah.

Is it about alien disclosure and the release of free energy technology?  Nah.

Is it about legalizing pot?  Guess yet again.

CNN Sucks Anyway

It warmed my heart when I talked with a woman close to my age about 96.9 Boston’s Talk radio about the “set up” and ouster of “controversial” Jay Sevrin.

You know how they set him up with that “sexual thing” but it was not about sex he was just too far outside the mainstream approved paradigms.

Yes! Yes! Yes!  A kindred spirit as she understood every word I said!



Outside of Alex Jones network there is little coverage of this weekend’s confab of international global kingmakers.  Governments have little influence over these sociopaths as they can and do manufacture the realities for their collective peasant populations.  Don’t look for lamestream coverage.  For that there are increasingly other credible sources.


Huffingtonpost mention!


Wow, and that other “enemy” WND?


Would you prefer red or blue supercorpofascistOrwellexpalidociousness with your post modern world?

An excellent collection of Bilderberg arrests and activities is up at wearechange plus don’t miss the confrontation series of those globalist heavyweights.


Luke, may the force be with you.

The official attendee list.  This is not the 1% this is the top of the top.


Carbon Exempt Airport Scanners


I Lasthorseman worked in an industrial research organization.  My duties included taking X-rays which meant mandatory ionizing radiation training every year.  Radiation monitoring badges collected monthly plus signing off annually an acknowledgement of receipt of the radiation report.  My badge was from this company.  I am now working at another company which has X-ray equipment.  This company mandates users signed up for radiation badges must wear the badges all day even if not in radiation hazard areas.


OSHA regulated ionizing radiation.


My home state regulates ionizing radiation.


Title 21 defines what radiation means.


So if you go to the airport does/is your “Friendly” TSA “Officer” wearing his/her radiation safety dosimeter badge.  If not he/she is “illegal”.

Which brings me to my infamous study on the effectiveness of tin foil hats.


Ask Not What Your Country

Ask Not What Your Country can do for you, ask what your country can do TO you.

Live from the Apocalypse Ranch your favorite Knight of the Veils presents pre-Iran war ides of March signs of the times!

Half Time?

Calling the real Clint.  Well beyond halftime, how about we are down by 27 with 10 seconds to go.  Had an excellent conversation with a follow white haired guy like me about how far gone this country is.  Then we discussed preppers and bug out options.

Cop chases self.


Spiritual Bath

Anybody still home?  Lamestream talks about Obama singing something and there was this other big flap about Eye of Newt’s open marriage wife.  Yeah, well I’m not into kiddie porn either.

It’s snowing.  The pretty fluffy kind too.  It’s my daughter’s birthday, the one into horses so the girls are out shopping for tonight’s meal.  The cat is watching the birds on the back deck and I have these weird thoughts.

The New Year

Allow me to dispense with that big non-event retail stores consider already over and get on to what I think is in store for next year.

Drop the Butter and Step Away from your Vehicle

A Skull Above Any Other

New video series from Charolette Iserbyte about the edu-indoctrination system in America and how it came to be.


Charles Reese, 49 year veteran reporter from the Orlando Sentinel retires leaving this gem.


While Cuban cigars are on the US verboten list it would appear that products from “communist” Vietnam are not.  From my as yet unamed military-industrial giant I discovered we had a new vendor of “finger cots” labeled “Product of Vietnam”.  For those not in the biz finger cots are used to prevent the contamination of sensitive parts from dirty human fingers.  They are literally finger condoms made of latex and two out of eight have holes in them.

Real Estate discovery

“Your” local building code will come to be based upon or rather may always have been based upon the International Building Code.  In short I and thousands of other poor saps who happen to be “slumlords” by owning a dwelling with more than two families are screwed.  If your house is a older multi-family just kiss it goodbye.  It will not sustain you in retirement.  It is instead a forever non-profitable endeavor according to these new 8th edition Satanic Building Codes.  But why you might ask.  Of course everyone wants to be “safe”.  Of course we should have smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors but is it just safety or something else.  What is that something else?

Insurance Company Actuarial Tables!  You can’t be allowed to live in something a vast staff of compliance safety people has deemed “unsafe” or rather a dwelling space which might cause injury, death and god forbid an insurance company payout.  Yes, OK, I had a teeny, tiny fire and even after paying for home insurance at grossly overinflated values for 31 years I had to go through a Public Adjusted to not get screwed on a 23 thousand dollar loss.

What else is in the Satanic Building Code 8th edition?


Yes, caring for Mom and Dad in their golden years yourself?  Nah, kiss that goodbye.  There are far more costly institutions for that.  Go ahead, inquire about adding an “inlaw” apartment at “your” “local” building/code enforcement officers office.

OK, so you spent all that money on an approved, up to code hardwired life saving/insurance profits saving alarm system?  Now go down to your local police/fire station and pay the ten dollar alarm registration fee so they can monitor  your false alarm status and fine you for more than three false alarms per year.

The Breakage of Mandatory Twisty Light Bulbs!



Duct tape may be used to collect the 5 milligrams of mercury in these lamps.

Calling anybody means an expensive hazmat bill.  Stock up on energy wasting lamps now.

Last up I have a most annoying common America phrase.  I find it the pinnacle of perversion in this most Pavlovian of putrid societies.

“Have a Good One”

Have a fucking what?  How?  When?

The good job which I loved, was good at, was decently paid for, had medical insurance with, vacation time with plus egalitarian scientific potential with resides now in fucking “communist” “Red” Beijing super pollution Olympics fame China.

Oh, and according to BP sponsored ads (on lamestream) the Gulf States are clean and open for business.  Project Censored’s 2012 top 25 list is out not that the Kim Kardashian set much notices or cares.  Hey, even the CDC officially warned of “zombie” attacks.

Our blue eyed gelding is mellowing with age.  He tags my jacket for a treat.  My daughter and I have changed the life of a troubled child by providing horse lessons.  A connection with nature in a society which has lost it.


It was a painful hour, enduring Tokyo Rose from HR expound upon the corporate complicance memes of Sarbanes-Oxley.  This particular piece of shit global company however does not call it Sarbanes-Oxley complaince training but “business ethics” instead.  Fuck you, piece of shit parasites, fuck you and your fucking Fourth of July too.  Fucking three year “temporary” employees just so you save on benefits costs.

A Father’s Day Over

I did not get a new grill.  

I did not get a new tie.  

Just instead more reasons to cry.  

Does sound like Dr Seuss,does it not.

Mike’s take on the Titanic


Another just in from rense. A last minute addition to my last rambling rant for this week.


Dispatch from Ranch Apocalyse

Bilderberg concludes as suburban America dies.

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