We Value Our Age

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The wife and I value our age.

We don’t have to endure much more of this fucked up travesty.

I mean we returned to our house from an expatriot assignment way back in 1994.   I/we felt like we were the living embodiment of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” way back then.  Removal from one’s own culture plus having to learn something about another gives one a different worldview.  Add to that a touch of unexplainable paranormal experiences with documentable “God like” feedback from that great beyond.

I did blog about evil impressions I got from viewing the staff pictures of Leo Strauss, John Yoo and Alberto Gonzales but this is now as ancient as the Downing Street memo and Boy George Bush’s 10 thousand acre Paraguay retreat.  I was drawn in by the false flag of the North American Union as reported by the “right leaning” Lou Dobbs only to later figure out these local domestic gulags had already been replaced by exponetially more profitable places like Vietnam and China.  What I do find strange is that Obama gave me zero psychic impressions but in contrast Rahm did, in spite of numerous youtube videos about yes we can in reverse speech is thank you Satan.  The mandatory swine flu shots, of the bombing of oil rich Iran nor the western world’s provocation of nuclear armed Russia via the EU missle defense shield of lamestream media fame illustrates.   Can we as a species suck less or do we suck more only because we are techno-enabled.  It’s that basic primal instinct.  Our eyes are front and center only to focus on that which we had to kill to survive vs my Apocalyptic horses who can “see” and thus run away from predators.

We as humans can not nor will we “see” those predator sociopaths we elevate to positions of power and influence.  Our sixth or seventh extinction level event.

Should I survive I was an engineer so I can fix stuff.  I can build you a warming fire.  We can talk about how to rebuild what we have lost.

Had a thought today.  What would I do with my life should I hit the mega million jackpot.  Well I know any decent financial planner could make a salary out of 1.2 mil any of my paint drying nuclear detonator co-workers would jump at.  By strategic targeting the skill loss just might get the attention of the Dick Cheney wannabes who recently bought the place.  Some of these already targeted employees would have to undergo my personal AmeroNazi de-programming protocol but some, most actually who are in key skill jobs at obscenely low wages would only receive the loot if they walked out of the place and never returned.

Also pondering how best to make war on the corpo-fascist concept of using “temp” employees merely to avoid paying benefits.  As I brought up before part of Satan’s Building Code 8th Edition requires contractors to prove they are paying into workmens comp.  I note that in lamestream media the focus is always on union this and union that thus taking attention away/diverting from the rise of the temp agency.  Anybody have stats on temp agencies as a major post 2008 growth industry?  Did anybody, does anybody have that brain cell capacity to ask the question or am I just being an asshole for putting it that way.  

This and much more coming about the deliberate destruction of America from your favorite Knight of the Fifth Veil, caretaker of the Apocalyptic horses and woodland wizard of the grandkids.  May you all manifest your own greater destiny.


    • RUKind on December 14, 2011 at 17:27

    They handle the majority of payroll processing in the country.

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