A Horse Whisperer

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You smell like an ugly Big Mac to them.  In the wild a lion kills them by jumping on their back and biting through their spine and the first thing you want to do is put a dead animal hide and then jump on top of that.  It is amazing that they will let you.

This is a rough quote from a real horseman.  I offer it up in this environment of political horsemanure to spiritually ground those who are so inclined.  His story is now on that lamestream media channel known as Shotime.



I want to train under this guy.  I want more of his realism.  I want to teach more kids about learning to respect the ways of prey animals so they can understand how “we” are predatory animals.  I want to give others the timeless treasures of a full out canter through the brilliant colors of a fall foliage trail, dancing in salt water waves or having your horse tag your jacket pocket for a treat.  The other heartwarming media movie is


These are the things I hang on to now which happens to be a long way away from my former science world of………..

Nah, I just can’t give you that linkedin link yet….these fucking assholes might detect and then descend upon the ones I love most because my worldviews so don’t align with theirs.  My old job is in China now and or that great long ago sixties experiment/international bankers long term project for cheap labor Vietnam and or other their current wet dream of middle eastern countries who have oil, an ideal climate for poppy crop growing black ops funding, rare earth electronics minerals potential.  A three year old grandson loves me.  He idolizes my firebuilding/horse/do all/other things skills but he also loves electronic shit.  May he be/may he continue the fight.  What does cause me alarm?j  Well in my generation of kids.  Most of them where female but this next generation my kids kids.  Males predominantly.  Some kind of war preparations cosmically karmically speaking.  That kind of overides, trump cards, makes nonsense out of lamestream media debates, pundits shoving Mitt Romney, Newt, Rick or even the media blacklisted Ron Paul as opposition to that last American president that globalist post turtle from Kenya Obama.

This is the best and brightest we have to offer for the supposedly highest office of the land, the leader of the “free” world.

The horses I can’t afford anymore make far more sense.