An Exercise

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Everybody has the ability.  Some are better in different areas than others.  Some just don’t accept or rather perhaps have “learned”/been indoctrinated into thinking there is nothing more than the mere five senses.  I get impressions from a first glance at a picture.  Evil people really stand out.

You can do it too.  Try it.


So who is he?

He is a George Soros mouthpiece advocating for internet censorship via Google of things like 911 truth the backlash against for the profit driven big pharma industry and the whole host of other things the evil 1% globalists represent.

So at first glance tell me true.  Did you experience a wave of evil?

Did you get a sense of the magnitude of this man’s way out of proportion ego.  The complete lack of empathy, compassion and a touch of abuse as a child.

Any CT expert like myself has seen the videos of Zebinew Bresinski pissing and moaning about the internet driving a wedge in their commerical lamestream media propaganda delivery system.   Western capitalists have been operating in hundreds of countries and thus can target culturally relevant content by which to drive their profit margins/control influence factors/social engineering efforts.

I only became open to that concept after spending a year in Germany and thus removed from American lamestream.  A cross cultural most valued experience.  You get a whole new worldview out of the deal.  “My” own culture is now ugly and stupid to me.  I could spend the rest of my life trying to document the accelerated deliberate destruction.

I know the US culture sucks when it comes to enviornmental issues but Al Gore’s marketing efforts in endorsing a global Bernie Madoff ponzi scam coupled with techniques taken directly from Hitler’s Goebells himself is failing in popularity but is already codified in law and procedures. It just strikes me as obscene, Nazified, dystopian, sociopathic, parasitic, predatory, war like.  

Do you, did you think your cell phone/Ipod/Intel computer chip now built in China.  Did, does China have and EPA?  Do they have a worker right to know law.  No they have barracks and suicide nets and their entire communist production gold rush industrial machine was funded by the 401Ks of my kids.

The optomists of my CT world herald the arrival of 2012 as it will bring about a rise in global awareness.  We, everybody will be able to access that psychic awareness by which to distance ourselves and thus isolate people in total from the destructive constructs and designs to control freak ego manics in my above featured psychic test.

Meditate, spirtually cleanse, hug your grandkids or recall the most heartwarming times of your life to reverse this engineered deliberate decline of a nation, an ideal system which used to be the greatest hope for mankind.  Why?

The other half of my CT set says most of us, the earth itself ends except for those Dick Cheney/Obama elite sociopaths who have survival contingency plans well in place.

And the democratic primary is what?

One hell of a last horse ride ain’t it.

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