Insurance companies dropping birth control

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Stuff like this should be just as illegal as kid porn.

Today “conservative” Boston Talk radio 96.9 said something about a bill allowing insurance companies to drop birth control.  Thought all day about it wondering how many of Sith Lords participated in that marketing focus group.  The whole concept sent me into this rage about……..

Do they think all of us are as dumb as a box of rocks.

Is it to pacify the southern Jesus freaks who do have guns.

What is their angle in irritating women everywhere.

So the insurance companies bought the government thus making it “unconsitutional” to NOT buy a commercial product while simultaneously watering down their old product which used to pay for everything.  A whole class of “affordable” junk plans created the illusion of medical insurance, until you start getting the bills for not covered whatever.

Oh, was there something about large corporations being allowed to drop employee heath benefits plans?  I thought, I do recall, or is it just my tendency to embrace these weird conspiracy theories.

So at home I had to look it up.  Low and behold it is actually true.…

Scary as that is I think there are actual people who will buy this as a genuine real political action figure talking point without any thoughts about how they haved been royally humped already by the insurance government consortium as long as lamestream media covers for “our” sociopathic congress.

Satanic focus groupwise this fake issue has everything, all the WMDs.

Division, diversion, distraction.  Divide by pitting Christian bible belters against Roe v Wade.  Divert attention away from the fact that all medical plans these days suck.  The distraction of pissing off women.  I just don’t know.


My daughter asked me tonight about something she saw.  Syria was supposed to be “attacking America”.  Something about bombing suburban shopping malls or some other such drivel.

“You know better than that.”

I did a short thing talking about the globalist’s division on the Iran situation then the subject changed to the closing of brand new Lowes stores in New Hampshire and yet another Best Buy employee exploitation re-org/downsize, the suburban towns of Detroit bulldozing vacant homes and then about the Stockholm syndrome abnormal psych event of my workday in which Ann, my coworker who supposedly hates the company defended it when I started to call “our” “”high tech”” work equipment 1970’s era junk.

For spiritual cleansing there will be a cookout tomorrow.  Fifty degrees in Feb on a Friday night.  ATV rides for the grandkids and a campfire from the firemaster me.