A Superbowl Sunday

Yes I am watching the Superbowl but I was also streaming the latest videos from Project Camelot.  I have to maintain some semblance of normalcy for my fellow peasant coworkers at my military industrial complex paint drying factory.  I have to sort of understand why they get all excited by such trivial drivel.  Now I don’t actually mean to say that in any sort of derogatory way.  I truely feel sorry for them not having any sort of clue about the reality of their American experiences and belief systems.

Its sort of a Stanford Prison experiment exercise.

I have to understand them psychologically in order to strategically inject ideas, themes, history, the real ripoffs of this corpo-fascist world they hold absolute and sacred in a sort of humorous and clear way.

I once procured a thumb drive for a world recognized plasma physics scientist so he could transfer data acquisition numbers from his custom designed sensors to his desktop computer.  I bought it at Staples with my business credit card as I knew my boss would never sign off on it.  One of the fellow techinicans told me about it.  I did it for him as I knew his troll asshole asskissing American boss was so into retarded corporate policies on security AND THAT WAS BEFORE 911.  This talented and creative man needed a tool to do his job and I gave it to him.

Is present from KGB I said as I handed him the drive.  His Russian face smiled.

Ultimately he and my boss who signed my credit expense report did get escorted out of their offices in a surreal repeat of the political control mechanisms of the country they where born in.

I could elaborate on this long past incident and the energy saving technology you won’t find on the shelves today as a result.  To my “expert” coworkers I am just a “temp”.  It is truely dysfunctional people exploitation American business model.  Temp agencies to avoid traditional benefit payouts.  

Slab City here I come.


A post script, an additional thought, a closer look at the possibility of utopia/NOT and the problem of slab city.  Trash.

Slab City needs your help! Most people agree that Slab City is a great place stay for the winter. The only problem is the the trash. Too many years of ignoring the problem has only made things worse. Our efforts to increase awareness about the illegal dumping are finally beginning to pay off. Word is quickly spreading that people are now on the lookout for illegal dumping activities. One or two people speaking out against the trash problem will unfortunately do little good. But collectively, we can all send a strong message together that it’s time for the litterbugs to learn some new habits. The Slab City Organization was created for pro-active folks, like you, who want to see a change. Together, let’s put an end to the senseless littering that takes place in our desert communities.

It is basically what seperates us from the animal kingdom.  Only we have that intellect or perhaps fallability with which to generate something and then call it trash.  My horses “shit” all over the paddock, in the barn and then look at me comically every time I come around to pick it all up.

Oh, and I forgot to mention which video I was Superbowl watching?  Jordan Maxwell delves into ancient cultural roots of things like nobody else can.  Even if you can accept 1 percent of this guys take on things you will be well on your way.  I have to add caution though.  Maintennace of a light hearted humorous approach to the uglyness that is today’s world is a huge task.  I have been toying with a website idea based upon www.dailyfuneral.com or maybe basic peoplemanship as it relates well to my current housing debacle.

Basic peoplemanship?  A horses view of the lunacy of his people “masters”.


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  1. I value your “content,” which rips enough for me.  Go to it, man, and sack the whining city on the hill!  

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