Half Time?

Calling the real Clint.  Well beyond halftime, how about we are down by 27 with 10 seconds to go.  Had an excellent conversation with a follow white haired guy like me about how far gone this country is.  Then we discussed preppers and bug out options.

Cop chases self.


“Can I buy a cigarette off you.”

“Sure these are cheap enough I made them, no chemicals that way.”  “Here to apply for the job they won’t give you?”

He appreciated my candor and we ended up talking about lost careers and the long ago good times.  We tended to agree with me as I brought up my favorite deliberacy theme.  How “they” made 401K to finance China and everybody elses industrial gold rush.  The exporting of his career field and mine.

What has politics wrought.  The PNAC neo-con crowd sold us 911 and the fear cancer that is now institutionally embedded in just about every aspect of human endeavor.  Frisk Granny and grandson at the airports and elsewhere yet Bed Bath and Beyond is featuring radioactive tissue holders.  Feel safe?  If Jesus Christ himself came back today they would put him on zoloft or they would black bag him as a defense contractor lab rat.

On the left we have the neo-liberal globalists who brought us outsourcing, financial insanity, the thought police of political correctness and have totally and completely crapped upon the most urgent issue of respecting the enviornment by Nazifying that complete with exploding people who refuse to pay omage to their global masters.  Confining the total green movement to the singular issue of burning something?  Simply Satanic.  See 400 Chernobyls.

Clint as a cowboy.  Yes everybody longs for the old west.  Yea, the ranch is a cul du sac with the toonies bitching about the smell of cow manure from the last remaining spread.  I can show you the house built on the pond I skated on as a kid.  A corporation can build next to the swamp but I can’t.  Clint the cowboy can’t even cut dead wood on his own land.

Know why we don’t have windmills like Denmark?  Fucks up their radar.  Know why we don’t have laws?  We have instead Pavlovian media, what two massive corporations now.


Time to either bug out or get defcon five prepper mode.


Previous preppers!


Auto industry comeback?  Really Clint?  Lemmie sell you a whoosified youth from the Clockworked Oranged anti-bullying XBox set I’m gonna have to spiritually asses as redeemable or not.

No.  I want my flying car. I don’t even want to see any shit disturbing neighbors bitching to me about mindless shit like weeds in the yuppie lawn I used to have and has been deliberatly stolen.  See Ben Rich.

Yes, my coworkers did talk about it.  Within their 30 second attentions spans that is.