March 11 and no Bomb Iran

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Thank you all.

I predicted March 2-9.  Thank you.

Thank you for writing your congress idiot.  Thank you for thinking about it.  Thank you for praying about averting it.  Thank you for bitching about the price of gas and the globalist banker assholes who are making six figures off of the war on errorism and Iran’s intentions of selling oil in ANYTHING but American dollars.

Yes, we took the Apocalyptic horses out for a nice trail ride today.  It is after all a remarkable warm day in March in New England.  Al Gore’s bullshit carbon tax crap is already embedded in lamestream culture and government policies but hey “we” nor Israel has not started World War Three.  It is a two day accomplishment.  One day at a time is the theme I guess.

Thank you.

OK, so maybe they start with Syria and that leads to Iran.  You know kind of like Saddam had weapons of mass instruction and or that vast high tech global spy ring operating out of caves in Afghanistan made George Bush continue reading My Pet Goat.  Ah, old news, old rant.

On to the staged news picked up by “our” media.…

Killed my first mosquito today March 12.  That has gotta be another first in my 56 years.

More on the war machine meme theme.  In yet another “theater” as the war gurus call it.


  1. a vote for Obama is a vote for mass murder of Iranians.  A full scale regional war, really.  He’ll make Bush and Cheney look like beginners.  Obama’s Doctrine is 0%.  He has promised that.  I take him at his word on this one.

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