Die Mauer im Kopf

The Wall in the Mind….literally.

The Berlin Wall may have come down but America built a bigger one!

Commercials on lamestream about “Borderlands”.  It’s about “America’s”  War on Terror, complete with dramatic music as “the authorities” scour remote woodlands looking for dangerous boogeymen.

Come on Apocalypse.  Bring it!  Let’s get this crap over with already!

Kurt Haskell.


Just some of the storylines are entertaining.

Washington DC: FBI foils own terror plot:Again

Why Andrew Napolitano was fired.

Private Prison Company demands 90% Occupancy Rate

Rahm Imanuels Chicago:Snipers in response to NATO/G8 Protests

Bill Gates Favors Dead Panels and Vaccines to Decrease World Populations

Israel US Expand False Flag Attacks to ramp up propaganda campaign

Another concluded week in the mindlessness of the nuclear detonator factory.  I am for sure “odd” as I embrace NONE of the trivial drivel my immediate two co-workers do.  I know little about American Idol, Boston sports teams and or even what the daily news is.  I think about it only as an opportunity to point out how and why the establishment is lying to them.  Then I have to think again as to how they will defend the establishment with bizzare fictions.  First veilers have become annoying to me, the elevator not going to the top floor so to speak.  I would rather talk about the failure of the isms, you know how communism is a failed social model, capitalism is a failed social model, globalism is the most evil social model.

Was all of America’s greatness made to happen so “our” military would become the enforcement arm of globalist bankers?

Social Security was clearly never going to be sufficient so we have to save for retirement with 401s?  And what did “we” buy with those “retirement” funds?

A Chinese sweatshop with an American brand name.


Oh, look it’s Elvis!


It was our hippie generation that said “Don’t trust anybody over 30”.  Yeah, well payback is a bitch cause now.  Don’t trust anybody under 30.

Need I elaborate about the Charolette Iserbyte dumbed down generation and how that meme has now morphed into the compliance generation.  Would you want that book?

More “compliance” evidence.

Google doctors refusing patients

Fat people

People who smoke

People who support Obama

People who refuse vaccines?

PS. Lastly I present a militant terrorist guide to cat food shopping.  Ma, at 83,”forgot” she was out of cat food.  The cat only eats one kind of cat food which I usually purchase from a Stop and Shop(a New England supermarket chain far too yuppified for my liking/income) only because of it’s location.  I cleaned out the shelf and proceeded to the checkout.  I always bypass the rows of “self checkout” lines which I do find to be profanely corpo-fascist as they are to cheap to hire some teenage daughter but would rather introduce yet another depressing impersonal cultural theme.  I have seven cans of the same cat food.  My winter jacket looks like a horse blanket and no I have neither a Stop and Shop card nor am I paying for this with the credit card swiping system which is NOT visually accessable to the cashier who is not paying attention anyways.  In past times one would present your credit card to the cashier who then had to at least look at it and swipe the machine.

May I cite the creepyness of New Songdo City here  

The entire system(design/location/construction of) contributes to credit card INSECURITY/Fraud/Abuse and I could have as my male self swiped my wife’s credit/debit or other anybody else’s card and my inattentive minimum wage cashier would never have noticed.   She did in fact hesitate, waiting for payment by card as is the cultural norm these days and she did seem to be taken back when I presented real actual cash money thus making her go through the added effort of giving me change back.  And no, I didn’t have/bring my own AGW “green” shopping bag with which to carry my purchase home.  The exploding kids/people ad campaign of 1010.org clinched it for me.  I would rather ask what the hell are they going to do with the lights/people of American suburbia when the energy does stop.


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