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A Trespass Bill

IRS Boycott

Yesterday was tax day in this formerly underwater New England community.  Much like the intrusive census questions this time it was the tax people asking me to jump off a cliff.

If the government asks you, do you automatically comply.

Coke Pepsi

The false paradigm of the two party system is adding new twists.  Claims of violence against democrats and counterclaims stating these claims were staged.

Thou shall hear of wars and rumors of wars.

Common deal though, from a McCain rally is the rejection of dissent.  The Tiananmen Square of Amerika.  Can a Kent State incident be far behind.

Here is ejection of 2 dissenters based upon their not drinking the proper brand of KoolAide.


A “heckler”, a person to be “removed”.

Those misogynistic bastards

I trust most people, I mean only those grounded soldily in the reality of real world things and events would not in fact look at that technological marvel the Iphone and accuse it’s makers of being deliberately sexist.