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A Trespass Bill

Feel “safe” Now



I like the original German don’t you?

Unlike the Germans though America seems to have heightened the Satanic evil potential by removing any ideology behind a round up.  It’s simply a matter of policy and procedure.  The Stanford Prison experiment on steroids our brand of fascism includes 40 year old wives of teachers, peons if you will.

The term “zogster” comes up with very few hits on Google linking it to a “white supremacy group”.  More like five misguided kids in the basement or perhaps a regional term set up by the CIA itself.  Zogster then has little relevance and may serve to divert attention away from the far more mainstream practice of the militarization of local police.

Tazer deaths, thug type cops with no oversight.  I would sue, big time.

Family Traditions

I love being in the woods, always have.  There is something peaceful and natural breathing the fresh pine scented air of a wooded area.  My family has been content with simple things in life, one of those being walking around the local wooded area around our suburban water supply to collect pine cones for Christmas wreathes.  In this post 911 world though one year we were kicked out.
It was, we were told, a matter of “National Security”, by some idiot employee of (actually I have no friggin idea and he did not identify himself).  We were just “not allowed” to be there.  Somehow this strikes me as odd. 

As a resident of the community and recipient of the water therein contained in said water supply, did they not think said resident, and drinker of said water, would not report to appropriate authorities the pollution of previously stated water supply by turban wearing swarthy looking middle-eastern bearded men?
I then started my blogging over at Hannity.com with this incident.  I was dutifully told over there that collecting pine cones was not a specifically guaranteed Consitutional right.  I then related the incident of getting forever banned in under 48 hours from Hannity.com to dailykos.

Now though I have a one year old grandson who delightfully extends his arms everytime he sees me.  I showed him my wonder of the woods on a magical 4 wheeler ride this summer when we went to our vacation/potential survialist spot camping trip.  He now looks at me and says Vroom, Vroom as he asks me for a little fun, a little enjoyment in life.  He seeks the bonding with another human who knows how to love him and unconditionally does.  He finds it refreshing and different from his parents who are caught up mostly in the Satan inspired propaganda ministry know collectively as “American media” and also the collective soap opera foisted upon the twenty somethings of the current cannon fodder generation.

I want to show him the simpler joys in life, like collecting pine cones for Christmas wreathes but in teaching him that I have to show him also the Satanic side of humanity I’ve come to see all too clearly.
The “post 911 world”, the fallacy of a global war on “terra”.  In time I’ll have to explain why we could not go to the “old” location where there are lots of pine cones instead of this new place where the pine trees are much smaller.

His parents are basically tradesman types so I get to explain to him what Machiavellian really means.  That duty and responsibility allows me to get up in the morning even when I see the entire world as totally insane.  Should I also attempt to assess his capacity and willingness to accept truth or should I leave it up to the Matrix and let him decide for himself to fight Agent Smith or take the blue pill and lead the usual pod person life.

I happen to think he’s got the spirit, if he can pick me out of a crowd and can hold on to a wonderful memory two months ago as a one year old, he has my support.  Once I pick him up, it’s just about impossible to put him down.