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How can it be illegal to live in a house before there was a law saying it was illegal to live in a house.

Simply because I present the evidence in a letter from Charlene saying she lived in my house in 1964 with three other families also living there that does not present evidence that these three families were not living there illegally even if I present evidence that there was no law saying that three families living in a single woodframe constructed building built in 1907 was not illegal in 1964.

Know it or not, like it or not your personal housing options have changed.

In-law apartments are “illegal”.  No, if you have space in your house and want to take care of Mom or Dad in their golden years,  fuggedabboudit.  There are far more costly options available to an industry which has targeted that most frugal and prosperous parents of baby boomer generation.

As to rules, building codes, fires, fire prevention and people, firefighters dying in “illegal” buildings well.  A death, anyone’s death in such an instance is tragic but allow me to submit the other motivational factor driving “safe” suburban American existence.

Profit margins of insurance companies.

We, statistically, used to kill 55,000 per year in America but that was before airbags, seatbelts and the saturation of road space trafficwise which prohibits attaining speeds fast enough to cause any damage in the first place.

Did your auto insurance rates go down?

What does this have to do with houses?   Nothing but it does illustrate a bit about what sucks about the extraordinary compensation packages vs the stellar performance potentials of post turtles CEOs.

If, should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a fire, loss insurancewise the industry has responded with yet another industry.

The public adjuster.


Well because the regular insurance industry is going to lowball you on any compensation due to you for any insured losses.  So if they can also influence the building/zoning/construction trades to lower risk rates so they can pay some CEO ten bazillion dollars.

So when my son in law calls a plumber whom he does not know as a result of his living in a state he is unfamiliar with quotes him a price of 6000 dollars to replace a gas fired water heater in the home I and my wife put him in via 50,000 dollars.  I then consulted two plumbing experts I know who quoted replacement costs of about 1500 dollars?  Well my expert college educated son in law’s response was, but are these water heaters “energy star” rated.  

OK, according to my non-college educated tradesman oriented thinking gas fired heaters of any kind are either 60 rated, or 90 rated depending upon their requirements of single or dual pipe ventilation schemes.  One can also quote 50 gallon water ratings between 50,000 BTU’s all the way up to 150,000 BTUs.  By comparison a  five section oil fired obsolete steam boiler for my now obsolete and “illegal” house was rated at 275,000 BTUs, which means for a 3750 priced water heater you will have a hot shower.  But my “help” was not welcome.  He in his college educated highness happened to not value my opinion.  He works in the retail industry for that most temporarially big box place Best Buy.

He also does not, nor ever will have that capacity to build the evening campfire or teach his own son how to cut wood with a chainsaw like his grampy can.  Far to into yuppie material shit.