A Trespass Bill

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A breast pump policy?


Legislation about keeping our food supply policies secret?


More than all of these soundbytes of the minute my thoughts turn back to my youth.  They turn back to that day in Dallas when our President was killed and the entire nation mourned.  At that time we were a nation unified, not like today.  We only had three TV networks and we still read newspapers.  We went to church on Sundays.  Dad would always have a job and mom stayed home and took care of us.  The doctor made house calls and the milkman delivered milk.  We rode our bikes three towns away to get rocket engines.  Life was good.

But now in my supposedly golden elder years I have to discover the entire American experience from even before I was born is a lie larger in scope than 911 was.


  1. http://boston.cbslocal.com/201

    Two kids now marked for life.  No mistakes, no forgiveness.

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