A Father’s Day Over

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I did not get a new grill.  

I did not get a new tie.  

Just instead more reasons to cry.  

Does sound like Dr Seuss,does it not.

Mike’s take on the Titanic


Another just in from rense. A last minute addition to my last rambling rant for this week.


I used to be an engineer.  I used to run a place for renters at half price rents.  I used to sit by the pool on days like today and marvel at the intricate lives of those stuck in the lower veils.  Let me dispense with the personal stuff until the end.  Right now let’s do a test.

Close your eyes.  Empty your mind first then focus on those best times in your life.  Times when you felt most spiritual, most benevolent, compassionate.

Now look at this.


Tell me true.  Can you feel literally the evil emanating from those soul devouring eyes.  Even if you don’t believe in a deity at all doesn’t the image this man just make you feel icky.

OK, another one with a political bent.


Eeewww indeed!  Also note in contrast to the first psychic test Perry exhibits the vacuous Stepford wife stare of Laura Bush.

A couple more pictures I like then on to the suburban deconstruction stuff.


There are three in the David Dees Sheeple category.


And this one.


So what made me cry on Father’s Day?

My first daughter has to sell their camper.  On food stamps now and applying for WIC.  Hubby used to work on the Big Dig but later his sociopath mother starts then bankrupts their family tradesman business leaving my son-in-law with no career.  I have a shitty zero future job at a formerly big name defense contracting company which is frozen technologically in 1965, uses the latest minions of Satan management techniques and most co-workers give me the creeps cause it feels like I am back in the eight grade.  Talk about American industry not advancing the human condition?   Yes I Can.

So you build these same fucking things all the time.  Major staple in your catalog but you can’t order more than twelve pieces even though you will need twelve more next month due to that biz buzzword Just (Never in)Time, plus the purchasing advantages of paying the bill late on top of the NON-GREEN practice of wasted shipping bubble pack and cardboard.  Then you have the audacity to demand mandatory Saturday overtime cause the shit just didn’t get here on time.  And two hours to measure something?  WTF?  Ever hear about CNC machining centers?

Real life,real time phone interruption.  I seldom answer 888 numbers

“Hi, this is Michelle from Phoenix calling about a Discover Card that was mailed to you but never activated.”

“Yeah, right, sure.  Don’t do credit cards anymore, need a real job for that, prospects for a future, less insaneevil people in the world.  Bet you hear that alot or maybe not.”

She didn’t argue with me.

The next call is from my second two year old grandson.  He wants me to give him one of my magical woodland rides on the ATV.  Both he and I will miss the retreat this year.  Magical Maine mountain water, air, solitude with only loving family and friends in attendance.  Job insecurity does not come with two week vacations, for any of us.

Instead?  Plans are underway to reconstruct some of the magic of Maine right here in Marxachusetts.  Unsure about that and undergoing arguements with the “spirit guides” but having fun in life is essential.  The horses seem happier here in the shade of tall trees.  I still feel pissed at having to re-construct my entire life cause society sucks now.

Blue eyed one


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  1. Sucking the very goodness out of the entire universe.  Practice and when you can feel it too I shall tap you upon the shoulder with the sacred Braveheart Sword and anoint you Knight of the Fifth Veil.

  2. when I opened my eyes…

    Did I pass?

    Those Sheeple covers are something else man!

    Go Grampy Go!


    P.S.–The horses eyes look shopped.

  3. for some kind thoughts.  A couple of wonderful things have transpired for my daughter, a gift of horse equipment and maybe a job.  It may be the butterfly effect at work.

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