Dispatch from Ranch Apocalyse

Bilderberg concludes as suburban America dies.

It definitely occurs to me that the younger American generations have gone past the Charolette Iserbyte deliberate dumbing down of America and morphed into the compliance generation.  Telling people electronically how to live/what to think according to concepts pioneered by certain 1939 era propaganda minister does work for a vast majority stuck in the lower veils.

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But, as pointed out by James Corbett there is an “official” Bilderberg website listing the participants of said “internationally illegal” conferences so why then all the internet hype over the “release” of said participants in “secret”.  

Does it make any difference as the nuclear contamination from Japan advances,your daughter goes on food stamps or I get frozen in no local justice agenda21 hell.  Yes, according to new regulations building in-law apartments for your aging parents/kids who can’t survive in your local McMansionville’s of midnight copper theft fame…..hell…there are “institutions” to deal with that sort of thing.  Think “Please Sir, can I have some more?”

And yes my thoughts on the whole Bilderberg watching set do appear to be “right wing” leaning but “the left” gives us the same censorship of 911 truth coupled with a carbon footprint Wall Street on a global level, a good feel up for your hot wife at the airport/shopping mall/sports event/municipally permitted festive holiday gathering……..plus how many Mid-

East wars and mandatory unicorn flu shots?  Do you sense my incoherent rambling outrage?  Outrages?  Only a certain three year old who looks at his Grampy with wide eyes keeps me sane.   How long can I be the center of his world.