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Blue ribbon loosers one and all.  Charolete Iserbytians degrading into programmable Nazified zombies.  Truely frightening societal division induced by for profit media propaganda over several generations.

What is the highest petition signature count?

Is it green AGW?  No.

Is it about guns? Nope.

Is it about impeaching Diane Feinstien? Nah.

Is it about alien disclosure and the release of free energy technology?  Nah.

Is it about legalizing pot?  Guess yet again.

The winner is.

Let us band together to designate the Westboro Baptist Church a hate group.

Now normally, if I was “normal” I would tend to agree.  What does alarm me is the passion for this particular issue in light of a seemingly large void in recent lamestream news coverage of the antics….recent antics of the Westboro Baptist Church.  Clearly there must be a collusion of NGOs promoting this.

That being said the very concept of hate groups/hate crimes is a product of “the left” as much as the war of error is a product of “the right”.  Note, false dead end Orwellian doublespeak terms are enclosed in quotation marks.

Now I won’t promote the likes of Alex Jones anymore as he could be labeled “right wing”. Perusing more petitions to keep Piers Morgan in the US and one to kick him out plus a petition to designate the Roman Catholic Church as a “hate” group.  It just proves we are far more diverse in false ideologies than there are races on planet earth, um, ETs excluded.

I guess we will have to wait out the insanity of it all and see who survives.

Two valuable hours on the phone to Mass Unemployment.  Yippie for me.  Fourteen more weeks of benefits on Obama’s extension.  At least that was real.

CT site pick of the day?  Activistpost.com


Smart guns(because people are stupid)

North Korean nuke threat

West Point defining enemies(that would be us)

Something about bitcoins and money laundering

My favorites

The illusion of majority opinion

While you where watching the Superbowl

Last one is key.

Does China plan to establish China cities and special economic zones in America.


  1. Smart guns is a new technology.  In order for the gun to work “robocop” has to have one of those 666 Mark of the Beast microchips in the trigger finger to make the gun fire.  Translation?  They “them them” have no intentions of giving up “their” guns.

    I was just blown away by some of these petitions.  Don’t know if I should laugh and cry at the same time.  Takes me back to one of my very first deep exposure to the world of politics, when JFK died.  I knew then at least national unity was real.

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