It was a painful hour, enduring Tokyo Rose from HR expound upon the corporate complicance memes of Sarbanes-Oxley.  This particular piece of shit global company however does not call it Sarbanes-Oxley complaince training but “business ethics” instead.  Fuck you, piece of shit parasites, fuck you and your fucking Fourth of July too.  Fucking three year “temporary” employees just so you save on benefits costs.

“Hey Paul, you remember our Satanic business themes conversation right?”

“Oh, yeah the ethics meeting is today.”

“In our company it was always called Sarbanes-Oxley compliance training, you know how wonderful it is to have corporate owning you, your outside life, your thoughts,behaviors and the 800 number to rat out your co-workers for impure thoughts.”

“I got just about a year left, can’t wait to get otta here, it’s communism.”

“Know what?  The Pizza boy generation just don’t get it, actually almost nobody here gets it.”

And they don’t.  This is after all a collection of lost no skill blue collar nobodies  trained to do only one thing and one thing only, the same thing, day after day, week after week, month after month.  It is a veritable torture.  These are Faux News people, dancing with the stupids people, those who love the nascissism of Las Vegas, souless mouth breathing drool all over themselves total waste of oxygen dead people walking.  Come on nuclear shit from Japan wipe the galactically exponentially increasing hypocrisy offa this home of the brave and land of the free bullshit country of stupified zombinals.

Ah, yes, I feel better now.