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That Makes Three

WBZ channel 4 Boston

Rick Perry

Rick Perry

Rick Perry

“Post 911 world”

“Post 911 world”

“Post 911 world”


Why indeed do lamestream media outlets run “commercials” for their own “news” programming?

A Father’s Day Over

I did not get a new grill.  

I did not get a new tie.  

Just instead more reasons to cry.  

Does sound like Dr Seuss,does it not.

Mike’s take on the Titanic


Another just in from rense. A last minute addition to my last rambling rant for this week.


Dispatch from Ranch Apocalyse

Bilderberg concludes as suburban America dies.

Romney and Soros At Bretton Woods

Plus a large cast of other globalist parasite types.


Klaus Dona on ancient artifacts.


Related by perhaps less credible


Chinese mining Austrailia

School bans paper bag lunches

Veils banned in France

Book banning in America?



Another war in an African country with no exploitable resources to speak of.


Globalist Stooge Eulogy

Davos Globalist Scumbag Meeting

Go head, Google It!

Click on the Globalist Crime Syndicate link.


File not found!  Hey Julian Assange, what a frigging surprize.

Thumbprints to cash a check!


OK, my “temp agency” checks come from another company DBA/doing business as, that encourages “trust” don’t it, a company alias, well anyway, the company wants the bank to “call this number” to “verify” the frigging check.  Electronic implantable virtual microchips of Satan aside, WTF?!

Sharia law in Ohio!


Whole sections of Rense on S510, the frankenfoods Bill!

Also a graphic from the exhiled David Dees.  I wonder how he is making out.


Kill Switch


The Conspiracy of the Elite has always been able to throw the kill switch. It’s what they do. They kill whatever stands in their way. Whether it is the resistance to their domination by the common man. Or a “Leader” who doesn’t want to go along with their agenda of world domination. Or the Earth herself who does not yield to their rape and pillage without a fight. This Elite of banksters, financiers, industrialists, military professionals and philosophers of elite exceptionalism gather under names like Bilderberg, Trilateral, CFR, G8 and others in secret and public places always protected by a phalanx of kill switch security armed to euthanize the prying eyes of the public and those brave enough to resist.  

To deny this conspiracy of the elite is to deny the earth orbits the sun or the tides are effected by the moon. To deny an elite gathers in secret to decide the fate of nations or the value of money or to plan war and recession is to deny we need water and air to survive. It is a truth which is self-evident.

Active Policy of Ignorance Management

Another line I love.  Yes Virginia there is a Bilderberg and it’s not your father’s Bilderberg anymore!


Does it really make sense to reform a media systems which is just Project Mockingbird/Strategic Communications Laboratories prole specific propaganda dissemination.


One Trillion dollars worth of industrial minerals in Afghanistan.  Hmmm.  How convienient.  When did torsional vortex imaging go “online” meaning when did “they” know the exact locations of all the world’s mineral resources.


Don’t you dare fly over that oil slick.

How dare you rescue that 13 year old girl.


Civil asset forfeiture

Is there a Green Light for the Bomb Iran crowd?



Congressman assaulting students.

Daniel Estulin Speaks to EU Parliment!

The Shadow Masters

The international story of a fictional arms dealer.


Excellent coverage of the Bilderberg event in Sitges Spain this year.  Reports of “friendlier” police.  Invited attendees not showing up due to reprisals from constituents.





I love the headline

Qeada Killed Again


Hundreds of non-US based media are covering the Bilderberg meeting but the silence in lamestream US media is deafening.

Another one


Bilderberg Ends

Nine Meals from Anarchy

So appropriate!  So true!



www.informationliberation.com has excellent Bilderberg coverage as does the Alex Jones emporium.

It is after all very sad when after 55 years I view “the future” in terms of how long I could survive by selling off shit.  Nothing beyond that.

In XP I could open two browser windows at the same time, with this new Winblows 7 I can’t.

1099 My 600 Dollar Ass

Waxman sneaks anti-vitamin clause in Wall Street reform bill.

US wants to censor GMO frankenfood labeling on a global basis.

Pennsylvania want you to know they know where you live.


Potential find of ancient artifacts in Egypt’s Giza area.


Deep politics of diversity.


Bilderberger Bloomberg shoots his mouth again.


1099 my 600 dollar ass!


Yes We can?  Now Anybody Can.


Stealth local implimentation of discredited carbon scams.


And the bees are still dying.


And Superfriends+eugenics links are “changing”


Gee, can ya tell I’m in a shitty mood.

Next Year’s Flu Shot

My wife met a honest doctor yesterday, it’s too be she was a vetrinarian.  Turns out the lyme disease vaccine does kill some dogs and the anti-biotics offer a better cure outlook in dogs.

Anyway news direct from the maistream propaganda delivery system say next years REGULAR flu shot will INCLUDE the EUGENICS ingredients related to H1N1.

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