CNN Sucks Anyway

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It warmed my heart when I talked with a woman close to my age about 96.9 Boston’s Talk radio about the “set up” and ouster of “controversial” Jay Sevrin.

You know how they set him up with that “sexual thing” but it was not about sex he was just too far outside the mainstream approved paradigms.

Yes! Yes! Yes!  A kindred spirit as she understood every word I said!

It is kind of like the zombie apocalypse.

General Be-tray-us resigns as head of “our” CIA over a sexual affair.  Ya, Ok I buy that one about as much as the boneheaded flap about a book being written by a seal team six member during the “killing” of Elvis Bin Laden.  But what could we have if life, government and corporate Malthusian carbon control sociopathic freaks did not exist?

Free cheap clean power.  No we, rather “the government” of (bullshit)…

the most “free” and most “powerful” nation on earth did not learn from Katrina and repeats once again a really dismal response to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  I have to chalk it up to the increased assholianism factor generated by the singularity of life in this “it’s a post 911 world”.  There is this movie I hear about.  Argo, Argo Fuck yourself.  My mind drifts towards that zombie apocalypse theme here.

I have to ask, ponder why we tolerate such crap from our institutions in light of the artificially promoted 50 shades of grey thing and some infowars article about one third of Americans actually want to be slaves.  Well I don’t think they want to be slaves but the two corporate media giants which manufacture opinions left and right… what it is and it should have been historized years ago in the larger interest of public safety.

The taliban wiped out the drug trade in Afghanistan.  “We” wiped out the taliban and by alt news reports US Marines are protecting poppy fields while the US has a long declared “war on drugs” but from my childhood days I would never have imagined the CVS drug library of prescriptions awaiting pickup.  Everybody has to be “on” something.  Are we really sicker these days or has somebody “ask your doctor for” convinced us that we need a cure for post nasal drip.  Oh BTW I have not been medically insured for four full years now.  I have not Blue Cross nor Blue Shield.  I have not dental nor life, nor AFLAC or even SBLI and this can not be good for the collectivist economy which is not.  

I have skills which are extensive yet they align with this crap culture not.  Yes I have to highlight this.

Hmm…. Argo…..Argo….And fuck yourself…But not you…not you personally as a full 95% of the human race is NOT sociopathically oriented.  Only “our leaders” are.

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  1. Home delivered milk.  A real actual doctor coming to you suburban home.  Pre-teenagers riding bicycles three towns away sans helmets to purchase rocket engines.  Only three channels on TV from a rooftop antenna in black and white.  Bazoka bubble gum from the corner store.  The ice cream truck, flattened pennies or nails on the railroad tracks, forts in the woods and capture the flag.

    Then now.

    My grandson has “discoved” Halo 4 much to my dismay.

    The CVS drug pickup library.  Ask your doctor for, you own your disease and 92 of 150 pages in any woman’s magazine is devoted to big pharma drug ads.

    The “news” now all 40 channels of it uses neuro-linguistic programming geared towards enforcing the 14 characteristics of fascism/ corporate paradigm frameworks of political debate/political correctness and sexual thought patterns.

    And yes I have not seen a doctor for four years now.  The prospects of this with Obamacare are even lower now.  Like my new geriatric horse I have no teeth.  The wife needs her blood pressure meds plus the IRS is going to screw me royally next April 15.  Definitively going to need those professional tax attorneys to work this one out.

    An adult must be present at a school bus stop even if said bus stop is directly in front of and within direct sight of a rural/suburban home to permit the bus driver to either pick up/drop off the student.  Yes this is elementary school protocol.  Forget the bike riding three towns away.

    I can’t see to text and drive nor do I have much desire to be internet connected to a crap horseshit culture and have to pay 100 bucks a month for such a privledge.  I would rather have them wonder where I am, what I am doing/thinking/texting/facebooking.

    Oh, is facebook normalizing a meme.  A meme which alienates rather than unites the human species.  I tend to think so.

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